Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dancing Tips for Men

I know a lot of men who don't feel comfortable at the club and never dare to go to the dance floor because they think they don't know how to dance or they look silly when dancing. I love dancing to the fullest, and I feel alive whenever I am on the dance floor so here are some tips to give guys out there enough confidence to nail it on the dance floor and impress women with their moves.

1. The basics of dancing is getting the right groove and timing. Follow the bass line of the music and move your body with it. You don't have to do a lot of movement, remember, less is more. You can either just bounce your body with the bass in very small movements and gradually explore other parts of your body as you get the into the groove.
2. Establish eye contact with your partner. Nothing is hotter than looking straight into your partner's eyes.
3. Move with her body. See how your partner move with the music and take her lead. Stick with very small movements. Following your partner's rhythm, is enough to do the trick.
4. Body contact is HOT. Hold your partner's hand, and as you both dance to the music, take it around your neck and grab her by the waist with your other hand and continue doing tip #3.
5. Feel confident. Smile, have fun and enjoy the moment.

If your boyfriend happen to have this dilemma, then help him get over it! I hope this helps and practice always makes perfect. :)

Here's a nice beat to practice on, I love the bass! :)

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