Monday, July 18, 2011

Sigmax Face Kit Review

Here is my review of the Sigmax Face Kit. I forgot to mention that for the past months that I have been using these brushes, I haven't experienced any shedding yet. The only thing that I don't like much about the brushes, which I forgot to mention in the video is that they take a long time to dry when washed. Since it takes a long time for these brushes to dry up, I suggest you either purchase the Sigma Dry'n Shape with it or purchase a second brush which you can alternately use whenever you wash the brush.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Day Spa Experience

It's been almost 2 months since I had my last facial treatment and moving to a new place where climate is unfamiliar to me caused me terrible breakouts. I haven't had skin issues before except for occasional pimple that appear on my face. I usually just get it one at a time at a rate of like once every 2 or 3 months. When I came to Minneapolis, I felt my adolescence period was delayed and had its peak this year haha! My skin was getting worse each day! Since I haven't had issues before, I am not aware of what I need to do to stop it.

I have been wanting to go to a dermatologist but being new to MN is not even helping. I've so many hesitations as well whether paying more or less $100 is worth it. Good thing my roomies Jan and Kat were also thinking about getting a facial treatment. Thanks for their effort in researching for a nearby spa we are able to get an appointment yesterday morning at The Day Spa in Edina :)

At first I have an impression that I am risking my money for the sake of discovering whether getting a facial in the US is all worth it. I am glad that I did it. The experience is so amazing. I'd say it is all worth it!

When we came in, their attendants are so accommodating and friendly. They instructed us to sit by the waiting room where we can have coffee or tea. Even when I never really enjoy coffee, I appreciate that they have this available for their guests.

Then our estheticians came to greet us and introduced themselves. My esthetician is Greta Mraz and she led me to my room to get changed for the session.

I really liked that they actually do treatments in a private room just like Clarity and House of Obagi, where I frequently go to, in Manila.

Greta took time to ask me where I want her to concentrate on and what my concerns are so she can customize the treatment based on my needs. Just like House of Obagi's facial treatment, The Day Spa does not only concentrate on the face but also the neck and chest which equally require care and maintenance. The entire experience was so relaxing. The room was properly lit and scented, and the ambient music was soothing.

With the facial, is a short neck, shoulders and arm massage which is so good! Honestly I was hoping the session won't end the entire time :D One thing unique that I experience in the facial is that Greta applied eye cream and lip conditioner on me. I never get that in any spa that I've been to so it is a big plus. :) My skin feel so supple and in perfect makeup ready condition too after the session.

After my treatment, Greta escorted me back to the reception and even handed me a cup of water. How pampering isn't it? I LOVE IT! She was also kind enough to assist me in choosing the right product for my current skin condition. She suggested that I change my cleanser and toner, but she said to continue using my Origins moisturizer and cream.

I spent, $110 ($85 service + $25 tip) for the treatment. I normally don't give more than 20% tip but I was very satisfied and happy with the service :)

Oh before I forget, they use the Clarisonic Cleansing System too with their facial! On the side note, having tried this convinced me even more to purchase this product! :)

Anyway, I would definitely go back to this place.. and the best part is, the spa is actually situated in the same park where I jog/walk during afternoons yay! :)

If any of you need Edina who are interested in trying out their services, check their website ^_^
Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo