Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss A - Touch MV Makeup Inspired Look Tutorial

Yes, I am back after almost a year of not posting anything make-up related. I am sorry if I have disappointed some of you for not posting anything, but I am back and I will try my best to do more makeup tutorials for you guys :)

Since KPop is still very popular and I really love how they play with makeup, I decided to make a wearable version of the makeup worn by Miss A in their MV Touch. The steps are very simple and you may vary some of it to suit your taste.

Step 1: Prime skin - like I have been stressing out over and over my past tutorials, priming the skin is very essential since Korean makeup is all about flawless doll-like look. It is important for your skin to be dewy and supple so makeup can be applied evenly and will blend well with your skin. I suggest exfoliating the skin and moisturizing at least 30 minutes before you apply makeup. Apply a silicone based primer to fill in fine lines and even out skin texture.

Step 2: Prime your eyes - This look will require bold lines and color so apply an eye primer to make the color last longer and to prevent creasing.

Step 2: Eye Makeup - I prefer doing the eye makeup before the foundation for this look since it is easier to clean smudges and fallouts.
a. With a black cream liner, or jumbo pencil, apply color just the same as applying an eyeliner but extend it up the folds of your lids. If you are a monolid, apply just a little thicker than what you usually do with the eyeliner. Start with the inner corner of your eyes and with small strokes fill in the area towards the outer corner of your eyes. Make the line thicker as it goes outward.
b. Wing the outer edge by blending out the color using an angled liner brush or a precision brush by creating a straight 10-degree line from the mid section of your upper lash line to just above the outer corner of your eyes. Fill in the area to blend towards the lower lash line.
c. Draw a thick line in the outer lower lash line which gradually thins out toward the middle lower lash line. Blend harsh edges.
d. Apply a shimmery black eyeshadow over the liner to make it more dramatic and to add a little glam to your look. With a pencil brush, blend the edges and feather out the color.
e. Using a waterproof eyeliner, tight line your lash lines to make your lashes fuller. Line the waterline carefully to avoid the color from smearing.
f. Outline your lower lids with a white glitter shadow starting from the inner corners of your eyes. Make the line fade out as it goes towards the outer corner and blend it with the black shadow that you applied to your lower outer lid. Add rhinestones for a more dramatic effect. (I don't have rhinestones available when I did this look)
g. Curl your lashes and apply a thick layer of mascara. Apply more mascara in your lower lashes allowing it to get clumpy to give a doll-look effect.
h. Fill in empty areas of your brow using a light brown liner using very light small strokes. Then apply an eyebrow gel to lighten the brows and soften the look.

Step 3: Face Makeup - Aim for a china doll texture on the skin, so we will layer foundation and slowly build up only at the areas that need coverage. With a stippling brush or a buff brush (I am using Sigma synthetic brush) apply the foundation by lightly patting the brush bristles to your skin and blending the product from the mid section of your face and gradually thinning the layer out towards the edges. Once the complexion is evened out, spot conceal areas that need more coverage. Let the foundation set for few minutes and spray Evian water on your skin. With a wet sponge, dab it against your skin lightly to remove excess makeup. Repeat the process until you achieve enough coverage that you need.

Step 4: Contour Face: Only light contours are needed since we wanted a very soft look to contrast with the strong eye makeup. With a contouring brush, apply powder to your cheeks that is just one shade darker than your foundation starting from the hairline gradually fading out to just below your cheekbones. Make sure your blend out harsh edges.

Step 5: Highlight Face: Using a satin powder that is one shade lighter than your foundation, apply highlights to the nose of your bridge, area between your brows, under the arch of your brows, cheekbones and chin. Add a very very light pink blush to your cheeks.

Step 6: Contour Lips: Line your lips with a reverse lip liner. Choose a color that is the same shade as your foundation. If you do not have a reverse lip liner, you can use a nude matte lipstick that is close to your skin tone and apply concealer around the edge of your lips and blend in. Apply bright pink lip tint or lipstick to the inner part of your lips blending out towards the center of your lips. Make sure that you do not apply the color to your entire lips and only concentrate in the mid section. Apply bright pink lip gloss to the same area. Then apply a transparent lip gloss to the rest of the areas of your lips.

You may vary some of the steps to suit your taste. you can also add more drama to your eyes by blending a little bit of color and shade to your crease. I hope you like this look and I look forward to making more tutorials very soon. ♥
Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo