Sunday, March 28, 2010

paul & joe spring 2010 makeup look

i couldn't wait to use the paul & joe self-select eye color that i bought so i came up with a look using these shadows.

review: sigma essential brush kit

i have been using the sigma complete brush kit for over a month now and the sigma eye kit for more than 5 months. ever since i used them, i have been recommending these brushes to people i know who are looking for affordable but high quality make-up brushes. after using them for so long, i figured now is the time for me to review these brushes and give my comments on these brushes.

shipping/packaging - one thing that i noticed when i got the brushes is that they are contained in bubble envelope instead of a sealed box covered with bubble wrap which could be a bit risky of getting the items damaged. since shipping cost is cheap and i always get the brushes in good condition, this isn't much of an issue for me. i liked it how they wrapped the brushes in a lace type bag which looks cute if you are gifting them. also, they included with the brushes brochures that will help you how to use and care for your new brushes.

the brush roll is included when you buy the complete set in pink, however you have an option to get the black one with or without the brush roll. the brush roll is made of synthetic material which is really soft. it looks really stylish and has a self fastening magnetic closure which prevents your brushes from slipping out of your roll. i usually just toss it around and my brushes are intact inside the roll. another thing i like about this is that it is easy to clean.

brushes - the brushes were hand-sculpted and made high quality material. they are lightweight and durable. the handles are long enough to give you the control that you need. i like that they have introduced the pink brushes which adds uniqueness to your kit. of course they have the black brushes for a more professional look. i also noticed that the design of the brushes are similar to mac and also the numbers are also patterned from the mac brushes. the quality is similar, if not, close to mac brushes at a lower price.

the complete brush kit has 12 brushes while the eyes kit have 7 brushes. both kits include a free ss217 travel brush which is assumed to be about $9 value for free.

ss150 large powder brush - this brush is so dense and big enough to use for applying powder to both face and body. it has rounded top made of natural bristles and feels very soft. the only thing i don't like much about this brush at first is that it bled for first few times i washed it and shed so much for the first few weeks i used it. specially when i am using it with heavy foundation the bristles tend to stick and shed which could be a bit annoying to remove off the face. although after few times using it, the bleeding and shedding stops.

ss190 foundation brush - this brush is made of synthetic bristles which prevents liquid foundation from being absorbed by the brush so when using it, i didn't have to waste so much foundation to cover the entire face. altho i prefer using the stippling brush (187 brush) to apply liquid foundation, i prefer this to apply cream foundation or moisturizer in the skin. using this brush to apply moisturizer is recommended since it prevents you from dragging the skin when using your fingers and helps you prevent premature aging and sagging. also, when using the brush, it also prevents product wastage since it doesn't absorb unlike when using fingers during application.

ss168 large angled contour brush - this brush is one of my favorites since the angle gives me more control on how much i want to apply the bronzer or blush on the face. also i am able to use the tip of the brush to apply highlights to small areas. the brush is made of natural bristles so it is very soft to skin. this shed a bit but kind of lessened after few times that i used it.

ss187 duo fibre brush - this type of brush is my favorite since this gives an "airbrushed" finish when used to apply liquid foundation. the brush is more dense than the mac 187 so it feels a little stiff on the face. even if it feels like poking the face, it still was able to give the same airbrushed effect that the mac brush does.

ss194 concealer brush - this is the mini version of the ss190. i find it useful to apply concealer around the nose area, under the eyes and other small areas that need coverage. i haven't used this as much as i did for other brushes as i don't use concealer that often.

ss275 medium angled shading brush - this brush is one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes since it has multiple uses. the bristles are natural and soft. the density is just enough to apply color and use to blend the colors as well. this brush is very useful when you are on the go and doesn't have to change brushes to apply and blend in different colors. you can use it to apply the shadow by patting on the color using the flat side of the brush, apply the color for crease and the outer v using the tip of the brush, and use the angled edge to blend in the colors.

ss266 small angle brush - this brush is useful to apply gel eyeliners or to fill in the brows. i prefer using it to apply gel eyeliner. it is very easy to control how you want to apply your liner. lets you apply as thin as you want and by adding a bit of pressure during application lets you control the thickness as well. of all the brushes in the kit, this is my most used brush. i didn't like it for using it on my eyebrows since i don't think it is dense enough to define brow shape. however, if your brow shape is perfect but just need to fill in some gaps, then this brush is ok to use.

ss252 large shader brush - i didn't see anything special about this except for the quality is comparable to suesh and mac shader brushes at a lower price. the quality is good and bristles feel good on the skin.

ss239 eye shading brush - this is brush is almost the same as the suesh and mac brush and also same quality for less. it also feels very soft to touch.

ss219 pencil brush - i didn't use this much since i use the angle brush more when applying shadow on the outer corner and crease. i find the brush so dense which gives you full control when applying color to specific areas. i often use this to smudge liners to soften edges.

ss224 tapered blending brush - this brush is so soft which is perfect for blending colors without totally reducing the intensity of the color. i use this to soften edges above the crease and blending colors together. it does not bleed or shed.

ss209 eyeliner brush - even if this is named as an eyeliner brush, i haven't used it for applying eyeliners since i find it easier to use the ss266. instead i use it to apply powder shadow over the liner to set it. also i use this to apply color to the lower lash line since it can precisely control the thickness of the color that you want to apply. it is also good to soften liners on the lower lash line to make it look more natural.

overall, for the $99 i spent to buy 13 brushes (includes the free blending brush) against spending $355.5 for the equivalent mac brushes found in the kit, even with the additional $39 i spent for shipping, i am able to save so much by choosing sigma. i think this is more practical and very affordable since the quality is close to the quality of mac or any other high-end brand make-up brushes.

sigma also offer travel kits with the same high quality brushes. i wanted to get one just that i would've preferred if they included a small angled brush to apply liner and fill in eyebrows with the kit and their new lipstick brush in it. :D hopefully they would release another travel kit with these brushes included.

*the review of the product is on my own and the products mentioned in the review were purchased.

what's in my makeup travel bag

i am packing for my travel next week and i am happy to get a free paul & joe purse after me and my cousin bought make-up today :). my cousin gave me the purse since she said i love purple. weee!

what i liked about this new purse is that it looks small on the outside but very spacious inside. comparing it to my old sigma make-up bag, this one doesn't look bulky but it was able to hold all my personal make-up and have more space left for my brushes :)

here is what i use almost everyday:
paul & joe must have make-up
 - moisturing foundation primer (03)
 - creamy powder compact foundation (50)
 - self select eye color (03,06,07) + palette (just bought this)
 - eyebrow powder
 - disney face color B (002) - limited edition
 - lipstick C (064) - limited edition

other essentials:
obagi nu-derm action moisturizing lotion
chanel powder blush (13 candy)
mac studio fix (nc 42)
thefaceshop pure blossom powder pearls mini (02 blooming glow) - limited edition
thefaceshop jewel powder (wh001)
hennes & mauritz hello kitty lip gloss (pink devil)
christian dior ultra gloss reflect (257)
the body shop divide and multiply mascara
l'oreal contour parfait lip liner (658 simply rose)
burt's bees lip balm
mac 187 stippling brush
sigma pink brush set

tweezerman tweezers
japonesque eyebrow scissors
watsons electric eyebrow razor
shu eumura eyelash curler

**these items basically are for personal use only. the make-up that i use for other people are not listed.

paul & joe haul - spring 2010 self select eye color

i went shopping with my cousin today. i was supposed to only canvass on the prices for mac concealer and foundation so i can compare it with mac prices in singapore before buying since i would be shopping there next week (alright i am being cheap since i need to buy 3 shades of foundation and 3 shades of concealer).

i figured temptation will always get me whenever i pass by paul & joe section. i know i easily fall for the paul & joe packaging (what i notice first all the time) aside from the fact the quality of makeup is really really good.

i was a bit disappointed to see the alice in wonderland collection as i am hoping that there would be alot of make-up to choose from. unfortunately they only have the blotting paper and lip moisturizer which i don't find practical to buy (unless you are just going after buying limited edition items). anyway, the new eyeshadow colors released this spring caught our attention.

you guessed right.. i was not able to resist it. i bought 3 shades of the spring 2010 self select eye color and the eye color palette to fit in all 3 shadows in my purse. i bought daisy (03), pussycat (06) and fable (07). i'm glad that since i already told myself that i don't plan to splurge on personal makeup today, i am able to resist buying all 25 colors!

the eyeshadows are available in sheer, pearly and matte textures. the colors are highly pigmented and you can either wear it subtle or use a primer to bring out the brightness of the color. the palette comes with an applicator so you can use anytime, anywhere.

01 secret of gold
02 torch song
03 daisy
04 pistachio
05 waterlily
06 pussycat
07 fable
08 starry night
09 sterling
10 spotlight
11 nearly nude
12 paper lantern
13 little sister
14 chrysanthemum
15 belladonna
16 chateau
17 museum
21 tempest
22 courtyard
24 leatherbound

the colors used for the promo photo are 01, 03 and 07. each shadow costs Php820.00 and the palette costs Php520.00.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 13 Photoshoot

i was requested by a friend to do make up for a photoshoot last saturday, march 13, 2010. it was tiring but fun. i had a hard time blending the makeup tho because of the heat. :( oh well here goes a sneak peak of what was taken...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Portable Mirror for Makeup Professionals

I am so happy today that I am finally able to get myself this portable mirror that I have been longing to have for the longest time :)

I got this mirror from Cherry Pacheco, a very talented makeup artist that I know. This is a must tool for any makeup artist. Good lighting is an essential in doing makeup and this mirror is portable, so imagine yourself taking your own makeup studio set-up anywhere you go! It includes a gold bag which really looks fashionable and cute.

To those interested, you may visit :) The mirror is being sold for Php6,000.00 and optional bulbs are available for Php200.00 only.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sugarpill makeup - new sensation!

alright i have been hearing much about sugarpill, this new makeup line by amy (shrinkle), being reviewed and used pretty much by a lot of makeup gurus on youtube. i got really curious what this new line gives to what's already been existing in the market so i am planning to order some of the pressed eyeshadows and pigments. i'll be posting my reviews on the products once i get hold of them and try them out so watch out for that!

if you are already into getting a haul, then you might want to watch the product review posted by petrilude on youtube. i really love his tutorials and he already used some of the sugarpill products in his videos.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

beauty tag

alright i just recently subscribed to a channel by nicole (ndupe) and she just posted a beauty tag video. i couldn't find a time to do a video response so for the time being, i would be posting here my response:

-How many times do you wash your face daily? 

 i wash it twice a day, once i get up and another one before going to bed
-What skin type do you have? (dry, oily, combo) 

 i have combination skin, my cheeks, nose and forehead is oily while the area around my nose and under my eyes are very dry.
-What is your current facial wash? 

 i am using olay for my facial wash
-Do you exfoliate? 

 i do before
-What brand do you use? 

 i used to exfoliate using obagi nu-derm exfoderm forte, but now i just go to a professional for a diamond or power peel
-Is it really important to moisturize? 

 it is important for me to moisturize since i have really dry skin around my nose but i only apply moisturizer on that part. i also moisturize my neck and hands to prevent them from losing its tightness
-How often do you moisturize your face? 

 i moisturize once in the morning and once at night
-What moisturizer do you use?

 i use obagi nu-derm action to moisturize the dry areas 
-Do you use sunscreen?

 yes i use sunscreen to prevent premature aging :)
-What is your favorite skincare line?

 obagi and body shop products
-Do you have regular facial treatments? 

 i do get facial cleansing, mask and peel at least once a month
-Do you have freckles? 

-Do you use eye cream? 

 yes but not regularly
-Do you or did you have acne prone skin? 

 no, luckily i didn't. i had occasional breakouts but usually lasts for a week or less
-Did you ever have to use Pro-Activ? 

-Which celebrity do you think has good skin even without makeup? 

 vanness wu :) he is a guy, yes.. and his skin is way better than any actresses i've known
-One skincare routine that is a MUST for you? 

-Why do you think we should take care of our skin?

 to prevent aging and to maintain a clear. beautiful and healthy skin

-What foundation do you use? 

 i use foundation by paul & joe and thefaceshop, and studio fix by mac
-How about concealer? 

 i don't use concealer, i usually use lighter color foundation by thefaceshop as a concealer for my under eyes
-Do you know your undertone color? 

 i am a warm color, or yellow tone
-What do you think of fake eyelashes? 

 i like fake lashes only for photoshoots but for everyday use i don't like wearing them
-Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? 

 i thought it was 6 months!! OMG
-What brand of mascara do you use? 

 i use avon supershock, body shop and cover girl
-Sephora or Ulta? 

 i'd say sephora
-Do you have a MAC Pro-card? 

 no :(
-What makeup tools do you use in make up application?

 i use mac 187 for applying foundation and blush and use sigma eye brushes for applying eye shadows
-Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

 yes, everytime i have to wear and eyeshadow
-Do you use a primer for the face?
 i have a face primer by paul & joe but it has spf. i love to take photos of myself and spf is not really great with flash so i stopped using a face primer
-What is your favorite highlight powder?

 i use thefaceshop's pure blossom powder pearls for highlighting my cheeks and temples. for my inner eye corner, i use bylaurenluke's silver slippers eyeshadow that is included in her my vintage glams palette
-What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)? 

 i don't really have any favorite. any color that would look great on me would do.
-Do you line your eyes?

 yes i do line them but just my upper lash lines only
-Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? 

 neither, i use gel liner
-How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

 i did several times when i first tried LOL
-What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? 

 i really don't like it much because of fallouts, but whenever i do makeup for photoshoots i find it easier to apply and make the colors stand out in the picture
-Do you use mineral makeup? 

 i use those by paul & joe
-What is your favorite lipstick? 

 right now my favorites are revlon renewist #010 and paul & joe lipstick c #064
-How about lipgloss? 

 i am not a fan of lipglosses so none
-What blush on do you use? 

 i use paul & joe disney limited edition face color b #002 and bylaurenluke's berry cream blush
-Do you buy your makeup on ebay? 
 no because i don't want to risk
-Do you like drugstore makeup?

 yes - revlon, maybelline, covergirl and l'oreal

why plucking your eyebrows is not good

it has always been a debate whether to pluck your eyebrows or not. most people prefer plucking their brows since it looks better, gives them more control and gives a really clean trim.

however, plucking brows can also cause premature skin aging. when you pluck your brows, the skin is stretched for every hair you remove. the continuous and numerous times you stretch the skin above your eyelids during plucking can cause it to eventually becoming loose. this will cause your eyelids to sag as you get older. sagging eyelids is not that easy to fix, specially that the skin around the eyes are very thin and sensitive. finding a product to tighten the skin around the eyes is not as easy as finding one for your face.

so what are the other options you can do aside from shaving? you can do threading, waxing or laser hair removal. threading and waxing can be a bit expensive compared to shaving (which is totally free) but these methods give the same clean trim that plucking provides. the skin could still be stretched as you pull the hair off, but not as much as you do when you pluck them.

if you do not wish to go to a salon to have a professional do it for you, there are alot of home waxing products you can use. i use either sally hansen or epilin. sally hansen's price is twice as much as epilin. i prefer sally hansen to remove facial hair since it is easy to use (you just heat it in the microwave) and it gives me more control in applying the product because of its consistency. the only thing i don't like about sally hansen is that it can be a little bit messy and it does not harden. so there are chances that you would need to re-apply and remove the remaining hair 2-3 times. the kit includes skin conditioner which is also a great bonus :)

on the other hand, if you prefer to do costless trimming without shaving, you can thread your own eyebrows. threading the eyebrows is easy to learn and it's free. the only tradeoff is, it can be very painful.

laser hair removal is the best option but it can be very expensive. i recommend this though. it would cost around 40-50 dollars in phils but it could give you about 1-2 months of no trimming plus it doesn't stretch your skin at all.

whether you like to shave, thread, wax or use laser to trim your brows, it's all up to you as long as you prevent yourself from plucking again. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

sigma premium brush kit is out!

ohh i have been anticipating this much! the sigma brush kit is finally out girls! the kit contains 15 unique brushes which also compliments their original 12 piece brush set. it includes 7 new face brushes, 7 new eyes brushes, and the very first sigma lip brush. the set is $149 and it is a great deal for 15 high quality brushes. you can check out sigma website for more details. :)

also, tiffany d is giving away 20 of these sets in her youtube channel! details are found in her blog so good luck and i hope you win! :)

how i became a MUA

i seldom wear make-up and most people ask how the hell i got interested with it. let me tell you how..

i've always been interested with make-up since HS and i remember myself and my cousin sheila check out discount/bargain counters to search for stick eyeshadows and whatever product we can afford. altho i only wear them at certain occasions, living in a country that is way too conservative and students are not allowed to wear cosmetics in school, that did not stop me from being fascinated with it.

college was better since i had the freedom to wear make-up. that time i am more into natural look and being blessed with a clear skin, a face powder and earth tone matte lipsticks were my thing. i did wear eyeshadows once in a while, i had three tones - black, green and white - but never used them often. i don't remember why i chose those colors LOL. i never used a brush and depended on with my fingers :) (i'd say ot gives me more control). guys tend to be so childish at times and they usually tease girls wearing makeup so for some reason i stopped putting make-up on. i kept the powder and lipstick tho.

fast forward to graduating year, i had to get a job for specific reasons.. i applied as an assistant to few salons and got rejected with 2 reasons - 1. i don't have experience and 2. they always thought i am way overqualified to be a salon assistant since i am about to finish engineering. WTF! people kept telling me i should find a job related to my course.. those bitches!

fast forward 6 years after, i bought my first dslr. i enjoyed taking photos even before the purchase and got me back to being the artist that i was. being addicted to antm, i have been inspired to
learn high fashion photography. with it revived my interest in high fashion makeup.

unfortunately, i had to let go of my dslr and stop photography. i still want to be involved with high fashion so i thought why not be a MUA instead? i was a bit hesitant at first since i had been rejected before. i have to learn so i searched youtube and found lauren luke's videos. she was amazing! i learned alot of techniques from her. i purchased make-up once again and started my journey. then saw a colleague back in 2001 who also started her career as MUA. she motivated me to pursue this long lost dream (thanks ads!)

i practised and followed every online tutorial i find. using my own face as canvass. my first gig at a wedding boosted my confidence. the rest is history. i had been requested to provide service for photoshoots and other events. i enjoy it alot!

i had one on one session with josa quintas-primero and i plan to enroll in maquillage professionel by makeupforever very soon to polish my skills and provide me good backbone as i pursue my journey as a MUA.

i wouldn't be able to make it this far without the continuous encouragement i get from my friends and family so i thank them for supporting me :)

burt's bees beeswax lip balm review

chapped and dry lips had been my problem for the longest time until i discovered burt's bees lip balm. i was on a trip with a friend in thailand when i discovered the product. she mailed me one and i tried it for one month.

- i noticed that my lips stopped cracking and no longer peel after the first week of use
- it has peppermint which gives this cooling effect on my lips
- compared to petroleum jelly,  another great product to reduce dryness, it is not greasy at all. i used petroleum jelly before just that i couldn't last 10 minutes of having it on my lips because it feels greasy. with the burt's bees lip balm, the soothing feeling and non greasy feel allowed me to re-apply the product over and over thus keeping my lips conditioned the entire day.
- for more than a month of using it, i felt my lips softer
- the 8.5g package could last for about a year which is like spending 1 peso per day of use
- it looks natural on the lips, no shine, no grease

- availability is a bit of a problem for me since only selected stores sell the product in philippines
- can be totally addicting (i found myself applying the product like a reflex LOL)
- has very strong minty smell (my co-workers can smell my lips even if they are one cubicle away from me)
- i have to use my fingers to apply so i have to use a hand sanitizer everytime i put it on

all in all i recommend this product to every girl who face the same dilemma as i did. 

*the product was gifted to me by my friend and i am not affiliated with the product manufacturer. everything stated in my review is based on my experience from using the product

Friday, March 5, 2010

sigma 187 brush review (comparison to mac)

i just purchased the new pink brush kit from sigma which includes the stippling brush which is similar to the mac 187 brush. i am a fan of sigma brushes since they are of really good quality. i can say they would compare with mac brushes, at a very affordable price (it cost me only 89 dollars for 12 brushes).

for most people who know me, i apply foundation and make-up bases in a not so common manner. i use the stippling method in applying base and do not use foundation brushes or sponges. instead i use my mac 187 brush by dabbing the liquid foundation lightly until it blends well in the skin. this generally gives the airbrush look when applying foundation.

since i am now doing makeup for various people aside for myself, and i want to have separate brush set for myself and for the clients, i purchased the kit and got another 187 brush, this time from sigma. i was able to test it out for a week and here are some points i have on the product.

- really soft so it doesn't irritate the skin. being a combination of synthetic and natural bristles, the quality is really great specially that it doesn't give this itchy feeling on the skin.
- it does not absorb much foundation than the mac brush so less product is wasted.
- the product doesn't clump on the bristles allowing even application to skin. (mac has a tendency to absorb the product and sometimes it clumps which is a bit messy during application)
- no bleeding as of posting and i haven't seen any fallouts yet.
- also good to apply loose pigments.
- cheaper for same effect and quality.

- since it does not absorb much product, it takes a while to apply the product to the face and would require more dabbing than i usually do for mac.
- it is not good to apply pressed products. i tried applying with a pressed bronzer won't stick much to its bristles.

i love this product so much and i purchased another from sigma (16 dollars) for client use. :)

*the product was purchased by me and i am not affiliated with the product manufacturer. everything stated in my review is based on my experience from using the product

cousin and bestfriend's wedding last december 2009

alright i just noticed i am posting backwards LOL. i got so many works piled up and i regret that it is only now that i have decided to blog about them. :D

anyway here are some photos of people i did makeup for my cousin sheila and bestfriend ronnie's wedding. i did make-up for ronnie's mom, his sisters and my tita nancy.

photos from january 2010 photoshoot

i did make-up for a photoshoot last january and sharing some of the photos taken from it.

first post and short introduction

yay! after long months i am back to blogging :)

as most of you know, i have been interested lately with make-up so as i learn new things, i decided to come up with a blog to share with everyone some stuff i learned from other MUAs. so if any of you have requests let me know. ^_^

some works i did to date:

Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo