Friday, April 19, 2013

New Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove

Sigma beauty just released another revolutionary brush cleaning tool after the DRY'N SHAPE - the Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove. Makeup brushes are one of the most essential tools a makeup artist can have and cleaning loads of brushes can be a handful. With the amount of brushes that I have, sometimes deep cleaning them makes me very lazy. Since I use these to different people, deep cleaning them is very important.

Before the glove, my palms often end up red and sore from all the brushes that I rub and brush against it trying to remove all makeup residue that sit in between the brush fibers. With more than 60 brushes to clean, I tell you, it could be very VERY painful. There came a point where I decided to just throw some away and preferred to buy new ones. So when Sigma released this, I had to get one!

Honestly, if you are someone who seldom use a makeup brush to apply makeup then this may not be a necessity for you to buy but would nice to have one. However, if you are someone who rely on makeup brushes to perfect your everyday look, or someone who use them professionally, then I strongly believe that this is a very handy tool to have in your kit.

So what's really good about this glove?
1. The glove, unlike your palm or towel, have a textured surface which reduces your time to clean your brushes. The glove have 6 different textures depending on what you will need them for. It is dual-sided to provide cleaning textures to rinse, wash and refine (deep clean) both eyes and face brushes.

2. The glove includes a reshape functionality that helps you restore your brush shape to its original state. When you deep clean, the brush bristles lose its original shape and because of this it loses its efficiency to apply makeup. The glove helps restore the brush' shape right after washing to prevent damage.

3. It is made of high-grade silicone. It means, you don't have to worry about spending so much time washing the glove since you only need to rinse it and you can use it as much as you can because it is durable. :)

4. It includes a microfiber inner glove to add comfort. The glove also keeps your hand dry. I tried the glove on without the inner glove and I noticed a big difference. It sure feels better with it. It isn't necessary, but it's nice to have so I am glad Sigma thought about that :)

5. It is available in 4 different colors. Yes, I have to add this! The glove is available in Black, Pink, Purple and Aqua. It actually matches the colors of their Make Me brush collection. :)

The Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove retails for $39 and you get a free travel size brush with it. Available at

*The product featured was purchased and this review is based on my own opinion of the product.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Makeup Haul 2013

Though it may seem like it is still Winter here in Minnesota, I can't wait for Spring! Since I consider Spring as a best season to put full makeup on and experiment with colors, I always make sure that I get the newest shades to add to my existing collection.

Urban Decay Oz The Great and Poweful - Glinda and Theodora Palettes

I featured these palettes in my previous post and I'd say Urban Decay never fail to create limited edition palettes that's worth buying. The new shades they introduced are wearable and yet colorful enough to let you be creative with your looks. I like the fact that the individual shadows can be replaced, making your palette dynamic and reusable. The shadows are similar to any UD shadows, they are pigmented and easily packs in your brush. The only thing I don't like about the liner is that I tend to have a lot of fallouts when applying them, so I recommend that you apply a good primer first.

The palette also comes with a high gloss lip color and their 24/7 eye liner which saves me another trip to Sephora to get a new eye liner. I have been using the Urban Decay 24/7 liner for about 4 years now and so far it is the best liner that I've used. It's very creamy, making it easy to apply and blend which I recommend if you are tight lining. Also, it is very pigmented making your eyes pop and stand out without having to apply multiple layers of liner and shadow.

These palettes retail for $49 each and can be both from or Sephora.

Calvin Klein CK One Quad and Lipstick

Honestly, I never knew that there is a CK One makeup line until I visited an Ulta store to browse some makeup that I can buy. What caught my attention is the nice packaging - you know I am a sucker for aesthetics :) I got 2 quads - disco and denim, since these are the colors that I would normally wear in my everyday makeup. They also just released the Street Limited Edition eyeshadow quad, but as much as I love collecting limited edition makeup, I figured I won't be using the shades that were included.

I am also looking for a lipstick to replace my Paul & Joe lipstick that I have been wearing almost everyday and finally found a similar shade, from the CK One collection. I got Dollface shade and it was really close to what I am currently using. The only difference that I noticed is that it is more saturated compared to the P&J one but still look close to my lip color. It is perfect for Spring anyway since this season is about colors! :)

I've yet to try their foundation and see if it would match the MAC studio fix foundation that I couldn't replace for anything else :)

The quad palettes retail for $28 each and the lipstick retails for $16.

MAC Cosmetics Archie's Girls Limited Edition Quad Palettes

MAC comes up with another character based limited edition collection and this time they chose Archie Comics' Betty and Veronica as an inspiration. I was a fan of Archie when I was younger and seeing it in my favorite makeup brand is enough to drive me nuts! :) I was only able to purchase the 2 quads - Spoiled Rich and Caramel Sundae since I was too late for the travel brush kit. I usually get eyeshadows when purchasing from a limited edition collection since these last for years compared to cream-based and liquid products.

These palettes retail for $44 and you get the same pigmentation of the MAC eyeshadow :)

Smashbox Love Me Palettes

The last item in my haul is the Smashbox Love Me eyeshadow palettes. These eyeshadows are etched with Curtis Kulig's iconic Love Me logo. These come in Admire me and Entice me, each featuring 5 blendable colors.

Each palette retails for $34 dollars, available in Sephora and Ulta.

I've yet to try out all the palettes I bought and come up with new looks for Spring but these are just enough to keep me busy throughout the season! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Must Haves

Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo