Friday, December 31, 2010

How To: Makeup for Men

I helped my little sister groom some of the guys in her group for a concert performance last December 29 and I realized that doing makeup for men, specially those still in puberty stage, the hardest. Teen years are usually a stage where skin breaks out easily and more coverage is needed. Doing makeup for teenage girls isn't as hard as doing for teenage boys since girls are OK to look like they are wearing makeup while guys are not.

At first I was under impression that I only need to make them look flawless on stage but later that day I was told that I need to put liners on their eyes too (I was like WTF no!) Anyway here are some things that I have learned and steps I followed in doing their makeup.

1. Start with a clean face - this is a must for all genders but male skin is oilier than female skin so it important that at the oil and dirt are removed from the face.
2.  Make sure that you match the correct foundation/concealer shade with the skin tone - I have to mix alot of shades to really match the color on their skin to make it appear that the foundation is like their skin. I brought 3 shades - light, medium and dark - and mix them together to get a perfect match
3. Use waterproof foundation - guys tend to sweat more than girls so I used waterproof foundation to make sure that it will last for a longer time and prevent reapplying or retouching throughout the event.
4. Do not use products with SPF - since these guys are expected to have their photos taken, I ensured that I do not go beyond 15SPF for the products that I used.
5. Apply very thin layer of foundation to even out skin color and gradually build up to specific areas that need coverage - I used a buffer brush and applied the foundation using the stippling technique just to have a very thin layer of the foundation over the skin to even out skin. Then for areas with breakouts or acne scars, I gradually build up the product until I get the flawless coverage that I want. For areas that require alot of work, spot concealing is recommended so their face do not look so made up.
6. Bring back the contour on their face - guys have more prominent contours than women so it is important that their masculine features are still visible. Contours should be very subtle as they would tend to look like a drag queen when overly done.
7. Groom their eyebrows. - Sometimes there are brows that would require a little bit of shaving and cutting, but if your client doesn't want their brows touched then just use a brow gel and comb the brow with a spool brush to keep the brows in place. When needed, apply a brow powder using an angled brush to define the shape of the brows.
8. Apply a transluscent gloss on their lips to make them appear moisturized and hydrated. Do not apply too much to make it look natural.
9. Set everything with a powder.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Exclusives for Makeup Lovers

Black Friday in few days! ;) Here are some of the Black Friday online exclusives from different makeup brands. Enjoy!

Sigma Makeup: FREE SHIPPING on all national and international orders! Use code BF2010.
Eve Pearl: 55% off from Thursday to Monday, use code BPCM2010
M.A.C. : Pink 4 Friday Lipstick - A Limited Edition Lipstick personally designed by Nicki Minaj to celebrate the release of her debut album Pink Friday. Featuring a bright, creamy pink satin formula, Nicki's shade is only available online for four Fridays starting November 26, 2010, while supplies last.
Bobbie Brown: Enter the code HAPPY11 at checkout for free shipping and 3 travel-sized makeup treats -  Crystal Lip Gloss, Extreme Party Mascara and Intensive Skin Supplement. Offer is only valid Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
Pur Minerals: 20% off and free shipping from Black Friday to Nov. 30. For every order placed on Black Friday, they will donate $5 to American Heart Association.
Chantecaille: Every purchase of Tiger in the Wild Palette on Black Friday, get the Chantecaille Lip Chic in Tea Rose for free by entering the code TIGERS upon checkout.
Urban Decay: Tons of great items at reduced prices of $6 and $12 (including the Skull and Wallpaper Palettes and Apocalyptic and Summer of Love Nail Kits) will be offered from Black Friday to November 30, 2010. A limited edition release of a 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Set, which includes 15 pencils with 5 new exclusive shades for $92 will be released on Cyber Monday.
Lorac Cosmetics: Buy limited edition Cyber Monday Collection at containing a glam black makeup bag and Lorac all-time favorites for only $25 on Cyber Monday (valued at $100).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Muñiz Shoe Haul

I have always been a sucker for really gorgeous and uniquely designed shoes. Lately, I bought 3 shoes from Muñiz Shoes. These shoes were designed by Carmina Villarroel, a local actress/TV host in the Philippines. Most of her designs are 5-inch heel shoes which are so gorgeous. Yes I am also a sucker for really high heels :) Discovering these is actually accidental since I am not really into watching local shows. I think I saw her site link from twitter.

I couldn't resist her designs I end up buying three pairs this month. I have exceeded my target of buying 1 shoe per month from her collection. Here are the shoes that I have bought so far.
Bianca - With its knotted-net-and-lace upper, skinny wraparound ankle straps, and heels done in subtly textured animal print, the Bianca mixes unconventional material with peek-a-boo sexiness.
 Sheila - Its cutouts at the sides and at the top, held together by interweaving laces, can make even the widest foot look feminine and shapely. Also available in Blue and Red.
Gianelli - This peep-toe platform bootie is made of textured leather, with an upper made of stretched mesh. While demure-looking and simple, this shoe is a fusion of comfort and trendiness. Also available in Black.

I've yet to buy more from her collection soon and will post more photos :)

*These are bought with my own money and I am in no way connected with Muñiz Shoes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sanrio Little Twin Stars Haul

I haven't been doing much make-up work lately as I am too stressed and my skin's affected so I am giving it rest from any product on my skin. I recently went back to collecting my favorite character item once again - Little Twin Stars by Sanrio. I love this since I was a kid and the addiction stopped when I started developing interest in other things.

Recently I have been shopping with my cousin and she inspired me to go back to building my collection again. Today, I went to Sanrio store to buy their limited edition iPhone case but end up buying more than what I have planned. :)

 Little Twin Stars Collection
 Limited Edition iPhone Case
 Luggage Tag
 Mechanical Pencils and Retractable Eraser
 Limited Edition Calculator
 Limited Edition Eye Mask
 Limited Edition Nail Cutter
Card Case 
 Limited Edition Key Chain
 Limited Edition Alarm Clock
 Limited Edition Earphones
 Limited Edition First Aid Box
 Limited Edition Tumbler
Limited Edition Desk Mirror (Back)
Limited Edition Desk Mirror (Front)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Hi peeps! Sorry if I've been on hiatus for sometime and haven't been posting tutorials lately. Something came up with my personal life which is giving me so much stress and dreadfully causing my skin to breakout :( I haven't had skin problems before aside from having some dry areas under my eyes and around my nose but lately I am starting to have pimples. (I need a week in the spa to relax maybe)

I know this is way too late to announce but I finally got my Limited Edition Urban Decay Book of Shadows III UD♥NYC and Eye Primer :) I ordered it from US so it took a long route to Singapore then finally to Philippines! yay! I will be working on different looks out of this palette so watch out for it. Also, I finally was able to order the NAKED palette! After almost 2 months of wait can you believe that? :) It's on its way so I would most likely get it by mid or end of November. I hate how I have to order it from US, have it ship to Singapore and finally to Philippines but for the love of makeup.. I guess it's worth the wait :)

Last weekend, I stayed at Edsa Shangri-La hotel to give myself personal time off, unwind and allow myself to relax a bit. Do I sound problematic? haha! Oh well, I booked an executive suite at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, invited my cousin and her cute little niece over, did some shopping and tried to divert my mind from depressing thoughts. I am also happy to announce that I am back to taking photos again! Here are some shots that I took of the place and my niece.

Thanks to my super cute model, Stefanie Ang.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I made a Tumblr!

OK I really didn't plan to add another reason to remember a new username and password, but my niece has been requesting me to make one and I have to give in. Apparently, I kind of figured out the site finally and realize that this is actually very convenient if you are into document just everything about yourself. LOL

Anyway, if you guys want to know things about me on a more personal level then you can follow me :) I usually post not make-up stuff there also I have set this blog to auto update my tumblr as well. The only difference is that I would be posting personal stuff - photos, status and videos not related to makeup.

If you have tumblr let me know ^_~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Favorite Jewelry Picks from Fantasy Jewelry Box

I found this cool jewelry store that offers silver and gold jewelries for very cheap price. I love jewelries (more than I love clothes) so I want to share with you my favorite pieces from their shop. This also serves my wishlist for future jewelry purchases ^_~ For more desings, visit


Monday, October 11, 2010

What is Your Favorite Nail Polish Color?

I remember when I was in college that I got addicted to nail polish and I kind of changed colors every week. I like to experiment with different shades and hues, and I go from safe neutral polishes to wild colorful dark ones. I've seen a lot of girls in twitter who talk about Eyeko polishes so I checked and saw that they offer really cool colors to choose from.

I wasn't sure about its quality but when I sent the polish as prize to some of the random winners drawn from last month's giveaway, one winner, Thifa, sent me a photo and I was amazed. ^_~ This week they are giving free Vampira Polish if you purchase at least $15 dollars from their site. So if you are wondering what colors they have, here are the complete list of colors available in the

photo from

If you were to ask me, I would go for Vintage, Tea Rose, Petite, Chi Chi, Posh, Nude and Lilac polishes. How about you? What is your favorite polish color?

If you have tried any of these nail polishes, please post a photo of you wearing the polish on my facebook page, Makeup by Miyo, I would definitely love to see how beautiful they look like ^_~

Limited Edition Eyeko Fat Balms Available for Pre-order

Eyeko brings back the Fat Balm! It is in its limited edition packaging and available for pre-order which is estimated to be available for shipping in 2-3 weeks. The balm is bigger than the usual lip balm and is designed to use for lips and cheeks. It is infused with light reflecting particles, moisturizing Jojoba oil and SPF 15. It is also mineral oil and lanolin free. This product retails for only $10.

The shades and hues available are the following:

BEST SELLER! Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm
Create the perfect pink pout to enhance your natural lip colour and dab on to cheeks too for a fruity flush.

Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm
Just-bitten lip-look! Keeps lips satin smooth and adds a warm glow to cheeks.

Eyeko Minty Fat Balm
Sweeten lips and freshen breath with this sheer, iridescent pink, menthol balm.

NEW! Eyeko Cherry Fat Balm
Red lips are a classic trend revisited each season and one slick of Eyeko Cherry Fat Balm is perfect for lipstick virgins.  Flatters all skin tones!

NEW! Eyeko Frosting Fat Balm
For lip-smacking deliciousness, pick this frosted sugar-pink with a hit of cup cake fragrance.

NEW! Eyeko Toffee Fat Balm
Creamy caramel for a polished nude lip look and incr-edible toffee scent-sation!

You may purchase this product in and use my ambassador code E9966 for a free gift. Also do not forget to enter the code for their offer of the week VAMPIRA in the special comments box during checkout to get a free Vampira Polish for orders above $15. Shipping is free worldwide for orders above $55 ^_~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sigma Hollywood Glamour Review - Mirror and Kabuki

Hi everyone :) I know I have been MIA for a while and I haven't posted so much lately. This has already been long overdue so I would like to make a short review of 2 cute items I got from Sigma Makeup - these are the Heart Shaped Mirror in Blue Lagoon and the Flat Top Retractable Kabuki in Purple.

Erin from Sigma sent me the mirror last month so I can review the product and help me with the affiliate program. How sweet is that? As for the kabuki, I am a purple freak so that didn't escape from me and I really had to buy it ^_~.

Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple

I remember myself posting in twitter how I wish Sigma Makeup would release purple brushes since I am so in love with the color. I got a DM from Sigma Makeup telling me that my wish might come true and 4 months after that they introduced the Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki in purple :)

The kabuki came in the same packaging as that of the first 3 retractable kabukis that they introduced. The only difference is that its top is flat, while the other three are round.

The kabuki is made of synthetic bristles, which Sigma just recently released as what they call the Synthetic Sigmax HD filament, designed for high definition, flawless makeup application. The site says that the "shape, density and height of the filaments were carefully engineered to perfectly buff products onto the skin, resulting in a high definition effect." Also, its fibers were claimed not to absorb product as much as other brushes do.

My Verdict: First, if you love the color then it will definitely be a plus since they chose a really posh purple shade which I think is the elegant purple shade. Second, if you already have purchased the F80 and loved it then you will fall in love all over again with the flat top kabuki when you see this one.

Even if this is made of synthetic bristles, honestly without knowing it is synthetic, I would have mistaken it for natural one. The brush is really soft, maybe even softer than one made of natural bristles. The first time it touched my face, I thought if it as a powder puff in a brush form. It is so soft that I developed this addiction of needing to brush it against my face even if I don't have to apply powder or any product on. Crazy, I know! ^_~

How the size of the brush was designed is alright- not too big and not too small. When I used to look at the brush in photos, I thought it was about a bit bigger than a lipstick and felt that the brush would be a miniature size of F80. So I have assumed that it would take longer for me to apply foundation or powder with this since the area it can cover will not be as much as the full size one. I was surprised to see that the amount of bristles on this is the same as the full size one.

The only difference that I noticed is that the full size is more compact than this. The bristles of the retractable kabuki are loosely bound than that of the full size one. I am not sure if this is something good or bad, but it depends on how you want to use it. I prefer density of the full size one when buffing and blending foundation, but I like the density of the retractable one when I am applying contours and blush. Even so, you can still achieve the same density as that of the full size with this small one, you just lift the retractable part to make the bristles compact and presto you have your full size kabuki brush to buff and blend :)

The only thing that I worry about this is if it would be rusty after some period of time. Also, I am particular with dents and since its case is made of aluminum (I think) metal, it is prone to scratches. So if you are very particular about that, I don't suggest throwing it in with the rest of the products that you have in your makeup kit. Put it somewhere in your purse where there are no hard or sharp objects.

Improvement ideas: It would be cool if its base can be something you can put a loose powder or blush pearls in. Then you only need to bring this and a lipstick with you. :)

Heart Shaped Mirror - Blue Lagoon

As I have mentioned, Erin sent me this product so I can review and use it as a sample for being a Sigma Affiliate. I have no idea what color she will be sending when I got the email but I was wishing hard that it would be the Pink Fire or the Blue Lagoon. I was so happy that she sent me the color that I want :D

Impression: OK when I first opened the box and took the mirror out, all I can say was this is jaw dropping! I mean literally! I don't know but maybe I am just easily amazed by anything that sparkle LOL. Anyway, I brought this as work to show to some girls and it was funny that guys also had to look at it too.

The mirror has rhinestones which is individually perfectly placed on the surface of its lid. The base has a Sigma engraving with a removable plastic protector to prevent it from scratches. I suggest you not remove the plastic if you want your mirror to look new and scratch free. Inside it has 2 mirrors, one with normal magnification and another with x5 magnification.

My Verdic: I find this mirror handy when you need to go on a formal event because it is like a jewelry and is available in different colors which can compliment your dress. It includes a black velvet pouch so you really don't have to worry about damaging it when you throw it in your purse with your other stuff.

Although, I think this mirror is only good as something you can use to check yourself and ensure that you still look OK during the day. If you are looking for something you can bring along so you can apply makeup on the go then this is too small to use. I definitely would love to bring this with me on a date :D

I think this is something that one color won't be enough. If you are into accessories, then I am sure you would won't be satisfied with just one color and you would have the need to buy at least 2-3 colors, or maybe all, to match your outfit. ^_~

*photos are taken from
**This review is solely  my own and not in any way influenced by the company. The mirror is provided by Sigma Makeup for review and the kabuki brush is purchased by me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Sigma Product Alert: New Synthetic Brushes for High Definition Makeup Application

Sigma launched another line of brushes called Sigmax. It's cool to know that Simone actually took effort to perfect a brush line and develop an innovation never before seen in any makeup product.

As described in the, "The brushes in this collection feature exclusive Sigmax filament, specially designed to apply powder and liquid products without absorption into the fibers. The shape, density and height of the filaments were carefully engineered to perfectly buff products onto the skin, resulting in a high definition effect."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick Hair Tip for Luxy Hair

I was thinking about getting another set of hair extensions, this time from Luxy Hair. Since I am subscribed to their Youtube account, I was so excited to share with you that they are giving away 3 Luxy Hair sets (1 160g set and 2 120g sets) to their subscribers. ^_~ How cool is that?

2 winners will be coming from those submitting them a video response and 1 winner will be drawn via from the text comments. :)

Here's my entry and some quick tips on how to care for your hair :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eyeko Nail Polish Photo from Thifa

Hi ^_~ I got an email from Thifa, one of the winners of my previous giveaway, about the Eyeko nail polish that she won. I would like to share it with you so you have an idea how great the polish is. She only applied 2 coats on her nails and the color looks really good! Lovely nails made even lovelier with the polish! Thanks Thifa for sharing!

Eyeko Vampira Polish

Has any of you purchased an Eyeko polish? Share your photos too and I will post it so others can see :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners for the giveaway :) I have increased the consolation prize winners from 5 to 10 winners so congratulations!

Highest points: Andrea Lee - wins Sigma Heart Shaped Mirror (Pink)
Random win: Valentina - wins Sigma Hollywood Glamour Kabuki (Princess Grace)

Randomly Selected Consolation Prizes - wins either an Eyeko or Sigma beauty product which I will randomly assign to each winner :)
#274 - Eva
#78 - Carrie
#131 - Silverstargirl
#707 - LEHUA
#624 - Suzy
#894 - Fathima Abdul Kader
#957 - Thifa
#360 - Deeptima
#135 - alvira
#93 - Cynthia

5 people guessed my birthday and they have been credited 10 entries :) My birthday is August 1. ^_~

You have 48 hours to send me your full name, shipping address and day phone to Note that you need to use the email that you have registered in this contest. If you fail to send your info within the given time frame, your prize is forfeited. Also please post a comment on this entry when you have sent me an email.

I will notify you once the product has been shipped. Congratulations to all winners :)

Thanks for everyone who joined. Don't worry I will try to host more contests in the future ^_~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NEW! Sigma Premium Travel Kits

If you fell in love with the Sigma Makeup Premium Kit, I am sure you will fall in love again with their new Premium Travel Kit. :)

These are available in 4 colors: Hot in Pink, Sweet in Pink, Stylish in Black and Classy in Silver.

Brushes in this kit:

Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15 - Medium size tapered duo fibre brush.Generates a natural look during blush and highlighter application. Mix of synthetic filaments and natural bristles.

Tapered face -F25 - Large domed brush with tapered tip. Ideal for application and blending of powder products, blush, and highlighter. Natural bristles.  

Large Fluff - E50 - Ideal for applying and blending powder products on the lid, highlighting and contouring. Natural bristles.

Large Concealer - F65 - Large synthetic concealer brush. Can be used to apply cream-based products to large areas. Also ideal for application of liquid or cream products. Synthetic filaments.

Short Shader - E20  - Flat, short, slightly rounded and dense brush. Perfect for precisely applying colors on the lid and smudging along the lash line. Natural bristles.

Small Eye Liner - E10  - Delivers a precise fine-line along the lash line. The length and density of the bristles are ideal for creating artistic designs. Synthetic filaments. 

Small Tapered Blending - E45  - Small domed brush with highly tapered tip. Versatile, this brush can be used to apply and blend intense colors into the crease area. Natural bristles.

Sigma Makeup offers a free travel size E25 brush with this kit!
This kit retails for $59. 
Check them out here.

Review - Sigma Makeup Travel Size Brushes

Erin of Sigma Makeup contacted me last month about sending samples of their travel brushes so I can test out and review. She sent me 2 pink travel brushes, the large powder (F30) and duo fiber (F50) brushes. Also included was the ever famous blending brush (E25) which comes as a free gift to any purchases about $30.

I have the full size version of these brushes in pink which I purchased last year so it gave me a good basis on how their travel size brushes would compare to the full size ones.

General Impression:
Same with any Sigma Makeup packaging, they sent this brushes in a red lace bag. Also included are instructions on how to clean the brushes as well as detailed description of brushes included in the complete brush set.

The brushes came with a plastic protector which is great since I have something to protect the bristles when I put them in my makeup case. These do not come with the clutch which you get when buying the set so I find the plastic protector helpful.

The brush handles are about half the size of the full size brush in terms of length, and the thickness is just little bit smaller than the full size brush. I find the travel size brushes easier to use for personal makeup since I don't have to worry about hitting my mirror with the handle when I take the mirror close to my face.

Individual Brush Review:
Large Powder Brush (F30) - the amount of bristles of the travel size is about half of the full size brush. Still soft to touch this brush is still best for applying setting powder to your face. I find this handy as well to apply very subtle and blended contours and blush to your face. This however is too small to use for applying powder to the body unlike the full size one. Just like the full size, this brush bled a little during the first few washes. It gradually stopped as I wash it for few more times. I did not encounter any shedding yet for this brush.

Duo Fiber Brush (F50) - the amount of bristles of the travel size is about 80-90% of the full size which is good since you get the almost the same coverage as that of the full size one. This brush is my favorite since it is very versatile. I can apply foundation, highlights, contour and blush with this single brush. Unlike the full size brush, I haven't experienced any shedding yet using this brush.

Blending Brush (E25) - This brush has lately been my all around brush. I've posted several makeup tutorials on how to use this single brush to create an entire makeup look. I don't have the full size version of this, but what I like about the travel kit is that I can take my mirror so close to my face when doing my eye makeup without having to worry about hitting it with my brush handle. This brush comes free with any purchase worth $30 so I have duplicates of this which is really great specially when I use a wide variety of colors or do makeup for multiple clients in a session.

Overall, the travel size brushes sent to me are good in terms of quality and comparable to the full size brushes. If you are in a tight budget and yet wanting to have good quality brushes for less, then I would recommend that you purchase the travel size kit. Unfortunately, these brushes only come as a set and is not available individually. I do hope though that Sigma Makeup will also consider selling their travel size brushes individually. :) I highly recommend this brushes for personal use, but I would still prefer using the full size one for clients.

If you are interested in purchasing the Sigma Makeup Travel Kit Nice in Pink*, click here. The kit contains 7 essential brushes which are individually stored in a stylish metallic pink clutch equipped with a convenient pouch to carry all your must-have makeup items.

Brushes included in the kit:

Large Powder - F30 - Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.
Duo Fibre - F50 - Specially designed to generate an ‘airbrushed’ finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades and loose pigments. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.
Large Angled Contour - F40 - The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural bristles.
Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.
Concealer - F70 - The rounded, tapered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas. Synthetic bristles.
Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.
Pencil - E30 - Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles.

A free travel size foundation (F60) brush in black is included with this kit.

*Naughty in Black Travel Kit is also available with free travel size duo fiber (F50) brush in pink.

The products were sent by Sigma Makeup for review. All comments/review written about this product is on my own and was not in any means influenced by the sponsoring brand.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Did My Little Sister's Makeup

My sister woke me up today at 5:30 in the morning asking me to do her makeup. LOL I barely have 3 hours sleep so I was half awake doing this.

It took me an hour doing her makeup. She has pimple marks from previous breakouts so I used a green concealer to neutralize the redness. She wanted a very natural look so I had to cover the flaws and yet keep it as if her foundation was her skin. :) The trick - apply very thin layers of foundation and gradually build up only at certain areas that need coverage. Set with a powder and spritz with Evian mineral water and dab a moist disposable sponge against the skin to blend everything.

I was so sleepy and didn't have time to charge my cam so I was only able to get photos taken from her friend's phone cam.

Products used:
MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC42
MAKEUPFOREVER Camouflage Cream Palette No5
Coastal Scents Contour Palette
Evian Mineral Water Spray
Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette
MAC Fluidliner Blacktrack
MAC Brow Set Beguille
Paul & Joe Brow Powder 01
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Revlon Renewist Lip Color 010
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 257
Sigma Makeup Duo Fiber and Flat Top Kabuki brushes

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lesson for the Day: Eat before you are hungry

Woke up late and didn't have breakfast + lunch since I don't feel hungry. At 3pm I felt like starving and since I am not a cook, I just prepared anything instant - corned beef and instant chicken noodles LOL! I am so hungry that I ate 1/2 cup corned beef, 1/2 cup chicken noodles and 1 cup rice without thinking.

After I satisfied myself, I then had to compute the calories. To my surprise.... the entire meal is at 970 calories... WTF! I had to throw up everything! :(

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giveaway Ends in 24 Hours!

Hi Everyone! In 24 hours, I will be disabling adding comments to the giveaway so if you haven't joined yet do so now :) For those who already joined, make sure you post all the activities you did for the additional points by Sept 10 12am EST. For the giveaway page, click here

I will announce the winners on Sept 15, 2010. The winners have 48 hours to send me their full name, shipping address and contact number. For the 2 winners that will be given a chance to choose the prize that they want, please indicate in your email if you have last minute changes otherwise I will ship to you your choice when you joined the contest. For the 5 winners, I will be sending you a surprise makeup item and I hope you enjoy it! :)

Delivery may take 2-3 working days for winners from Philippines, 5-7 working days for winners in Asia & Pacific and 10-14 working days for other countries in America, Africa and Europe.

Good luck! :)
Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo