Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Finds for Fall

So the temperature is going down which tells me it's time to shop for fall :D Apparently it isn't as easy as I thought since I found these great stuff which, if I buy all of them I would be broke for another month. *sigh* So damn hard to be a girl, would you agree?

So here are some of the great stuff I found online which you might also find interesting and probably would consider buying. :)

Shoes - I am a big sucker for shoes.. I rather go out on a tacky dress, messy hair and no makeup as long as I am wearing bad ass shoes nobody can ever find :D So here are my top picks for fall.

Ratkovich - These 5-inch heel booties are on clearance in ALDO which is now only $60 (from original price of $120). What I like about this is its unique style. Also available in dark brown but I feel that black gives more classy look. I see myself wearing this with a pencil cut skirt or skinny jeans.

Hoganson - The faux-fur on these glamorous high heel booties really caught my attention. I honestly don't know why I like these so much but there is just something about its design that makes me want to wear it. It is a new Aldo collection sold for $100.

Make-up - I honestly thought that coming to US would make me splurge on makeup. WRONG! For some reason I never got too excited about seeing so many products to choose from. It's either I got so overwhelmed or just figured out what I need and not. However when I saw the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, I can never resist a limited edition makeup right?

The new BOS IV is the first to have a portable speaker with it and how to videos that you can view from your phone. How cool is that? :D On top of the lovely packaging, it includes 16 shadows, waterproof liquid eyeliner, eye primer potion, and a travel size mascara.

Another limited edition from Urban Decay that I have been eyeing was the limited edition lipstick cap which is sold for 15 dollars and comes for free if you buy a lipstick. So I found this really nice shade of lipstick that would look really great to complete your fall look. The Jailbait has a nude shade which gives you natural look without the dullness. Fall is about looking flawless and natural. :)

Lingerie - Lately I have been obsessed with the Victoria Secret collection hahaha. OK don't ask me why I just feel that you have to look good inside and out, and that includes a great pair of underwear :D They released a new collection, Unforgettable.

 The cheekinies are sold for $11.50 to $12.50 but you can get them for 3 for $30. These have a very feminine feel and I think that anyone wearing this would feel very sexy :) These come with a matching demi brassiere which is sold for $45-$55.
This particular print is my favorite. I prefer wearing nude colors since nudes are great to wear with white and light colored fabric. Not sure if you can see the details but this specific design have small beads so I find it unusual.. and anything unusual to me is appealing :D

So there goes the stuff that I have been thinking about getting. I am not sure which to get first or if I should get them at all. What do you guys think?

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