Friday, February 4, 2011

Basic Makeup Terms for Makeup Starters - Part 1

Same as any other skill, makeup also uses terms that serve as a common language to anyone who does makeup application. In order to fully master the art of doing makeup, it is also important to know what terms are used in makeup business so you can talk like a makeup pro.

Blush is a term used to add a warm glow to a dull skin. Skip the blush when you already have a natural rosy color on your cheeks

Concealer is a product that covers any blemish that a foundation doesn't. You can skip this when you know that foundation is enough to hide all your skin imperfections.

Contour is a darker shade that is applied to your face to give features more depth and to define areas you want to make less visible to the eye

Dewy is a foundation finish that looks fresh and glowing, usually with a slight sheen. This is normally a technique seen in Asian makeup.

an example of a dewy finish. It looks like almost no makeup is worn and very natural.

Eyeliner is used to either define the eyes or the eye makeup. Tight lining or very thin lining defines the eyes while thick dramatic lines give more definition to the eye makeup.

Eyeshadow is applied to define the shape of the eyes. It can be worn as a gentle color wash or as layers of color and texture making it more dramatic. 

Foundation is used to even out complexion and covers minor imperfections. If you have beautiful and radian skin, it is best to skip the foundation and just dust it with powder. Foundation finishes can either be matte, satin or dewy.

Frost, sometimes referred to as iridescent and usually used as a term to refer to eyeshadows and lip color, is about maximum sparkle and super-shine. This look only works best on young skin since this can draw attention to the fine lines of a mature skin.

Gloss is a high-shine lip color. This does not stay on as long as a lip color.

Highlight helps to draw attention to specific area or feature. It is usually a lighter shade that is applied to high areas of the eyes or face.

Lip color is used to define lips and sets the mood of your overall look. Lipstick and gloss is an example of a lip color.

Luminescence is a foundation with light-reflecting qualities that creates a glowing, refined look. This can be used to bounce away light from surface lines and wrinkles.

Mascara makes the lashes look full, long, thick and dark.

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