Wednesday, April 14, 2010

using MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 camouflage cream palette no 5

have you ever wondered why your blemishes are still visible even beneath so many layers of concealer you put on? that is because some skin discoloration does not get covered by concealer alone. you basically need a corrector to neutralize the color before you conceal it.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has the 5 camouflage cream palette in no 5 (professional corrective shades) that helps you achieve flawless looking skin. this palette works well for highly discolored skin caused by acne scars, dark undereyes and bruises.

the palette has 5 colors: no 13 - light concealer, no 16 - dark concealer, no 17 - green, no 18 - purple, no 20 - orange.

so how do you make use of these? we basically just need to remember the color wheel and basic color theory which i will discuss in more details in another entry.

complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other. these are also known as contrasting colors. when you layer 2 contrasting colors, they neutralize each other and when you place 2 contrasting colors adjacent to each other then they enhance each other. so for discolorations, we need to look at its shade and what color will neutralize it.

looking at the palette and the color wheel we can then identify that the orange will be correcting discolorations that are bluish. these are the areas under the eyes or dark pimple scars. as for the violet one, it will help you even out yellowish discoloration on your face. lastly, the green will cover up redness like pimples and area around your nose.

the 2 additional shades can be mixed to achieve the exact shade that you need to layer above the corrector creams as your concealer.

*i bought this product at sephora for S$59.


  1. Wow! It's just what I need! Was thinking of asking you how to cover red spots left by pimples.. I'm going to a friend's wedding, unfortunately I still have some acne and acne marks brought by my last pregnancy.

  2. it's great to know that I was able to help ^_~

  3. Hi. I just bought this palette no. 5 and it's caking up. What do I do?

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Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

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