Friday, April 23, 2010

tutorial - smokey purple makeup

heya chicas! i was inspired to come up with a new look today so here's a tutorial for those who wish to try this makeup.

1. prime your face. primer would help makeup application easier and also makes your skin feeling supple and smooth. i used paul & joe moisturizing primer. you can either use a wet sponge or a foundation brush in applying primer.

2. even out skin tone and remove blemishes. i used the makeupforever 5 color palette to take care of the blemishes in my skin. for my under eyes, i used the orange tone and dabbed a small amount on the area. i blended it out so the sides are feathered and look blended on the skin. the i used the green tone around my nose and under my brows to neutralize redness in that area. then i applied concealer on those areas to even out my skin.

3. apply foundation. using a stippling brush, lightly apply foundation starting from the middle part of you face going out. take time applying the foundation so you can achieve an even application and an airbrushed effect. i used the mac studio fix fluid in nc42.

4. set foundation. use a loose powder or pressed powder to set your makeup. i used a stippling brush and gently pat on body shop translucent powder all over my face. make sure you do not swipe the brush against your face as this will remove the airbrush finish that you have done when you stipple the foundation on your skin. then using a contour brush or blush brush, i applied another layer under my eyes and forehead by swiping the brush very lightly for a flawless finish.

5. define your brows. make sure that you don't choose a very dark color for your brows. a lighter shade than your hair color can be used and just fill in the color. use small light strokes to make it look natural. i used the paul and joe eyebrow powder and used a flat angled brush to apply.

6. work on eye makeup. i used the coastal scents 88 palette and another 88 shimmer palette (no brand) i got from singapore. prime your eyes before applying makeup.
      a. using a blending brush, apply bright pink eyeshadow in the mid section of your eyelid starting from the outer corners of your eyes going towards the inner corner. leave the area above your lashes empty. make sure that you blend it out as you go near the inner corner of your eyes. for wide set eyes, extend the color up to the area between the bridge of your nose and your eyes to reduce the space between your eyes. don't worry if the edges are too harsh since we will blend it later.
     b. using the same blending brush, apply a deep purple color on the same area where you applied the pink eyeshadow but stop around the center of your eyes. blend it out to remove harsh lines. then apply whatever is left on the brush to the inner half. don't put the same intensity as the outer half since we want to gradually let it fade as it gets to the inner corner of your eyes. apply the same color to your lower lashes.
    c. apply a shimmer violet shadow on the same area. this part is optional but i added it anyways :D
    d. using a pencil brush, apply a black eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eyes and define the outer v shape. blend out any harsh line but do not overblend. apply the same color to your lower lashes.
    e. using another pencil brush or a flat eyeshadow brush, apply a light blue shimmer eyeshadow on the area above your lash line. this will add dimension and will also open up small eyes. blend it out.
    f. add shimmer color that is lighter to your skin in the corners of your eyes and just below your eyebrows.

7. apply eyeliner. using a flat angled brush, apply a gel liner or a liquid liner starting from the outer corner making a diagonal line going to the center. start with a small angle and increase the thickness of your liner gradually. extend the liner outward to give a cat-eye effect. then apply liner from the inner corner and connect it to the center. make sure you apply as close to the lashes as possible and do not leave out spaces in between. then using the rest of the product, apply liner to your lower lashline and blend out using a pencil brush or a q-tip. for wide set eyes, apply around the inner corners of your eyes and blend it out using a q-tip.

8. curl ur lashes and apply mascara. i used shu eumura eyelash curler (the best i've used so far) and body shop mascara. wiggle the mascara wand from the roots going up to the tips of your lashes.

9. apply highlight, contour and blush to your face. avoid too much pink blush for this look. use light peach color or neutral ones. i used chanel powder blush in 13 candy very lightly on the apple of my cheeks.

10. apply a light pink lipstick to soften the intense look brought by the eye makeup. add gloss to the center of your lips.

:) enjoy your new look!

products used:
sigma essential brush kit
shu eumura eyelash curler
paul & joe moisturizing primer (03)
mac studio fix fluid (NC42)
makeupforever 5 color cream palette (No5)
by lauren luke cream eye liner (raven black)
by lauren luke shadow primer (nude slip dark)
body shop loose face powder (02)
body shop divide and multiply mascara
chanel powder blush (13 candy)
coastal scents 88-color matte eyeshadow

6-color contour palette
88-color shimmer palette
maybelline watershine pure lipstick (B24)
dior addict ultra gloss reflect (257)

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Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

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