Sunday, July 25, 2010

Babyliss Haul

Here's another non-makeup entry but I just want to share with you guys the tools I use to style my hair. If you are looking for good quality tools, I would definitely recommend these as the essential items to style your hair.

Dryer - Babyliss Ioniceramic pro 2000
This dryer uses Ionic Ceramic technology which prevents hair damage from excessive heat. It includes the standard nozzle and a diffuser to add volume to your hair. It has also a removable rear filter, which I honestly don't know what that is for so if anyone can tell me let me know. :)
- 2 speed and 3 temperature option, gives you 5 different speed-temperature settings
- cool air button which allows you to switch between cool temperature and your desired speed-temperature setting

- too big and not good for travel

Curling Iron - Babyliss i-Pro 200
The curling iron uses Nano Titanium Ceramic professional coating to prevent hair damage from heat.

- I-Temperature technology and temperature regulator with LCD screen which allows you to set temperature from 150-200°C. The temperature display will stop blinking once it reaches the desired temperature.
- On/Off switch
- Ventilated cool tip
- Built-in stand
- Swivel cord that rotates so no need to worry about the cord distracting you while you curl your hair
- Curl looks very natural and great for creating loose curls and waves

- It only comes in one size. It would be great to have range of sizes available to choose from.
- Not recommended if you are looking to make small curls

Hair Straightener - Babyliss pro230 wet n' dry
This uses 24 x 95mm Nano Titanium Ceramic professional plates for perfect glide and heat transfer to guarantee softness, shine and protection. It can heat up immediately to 230°C which is the ideal temperature recommended by Babyliss to give perfect straightening without causing damage to hair. It is designed to be used on either dry or damp hair.

- Ultra-fast heat-up – 230°C max
- Temperature regulator (25 temperature settings) with Turbo function
- On/Off switch
- Swivel cord

- pro230 sold in Philippines does not have the LCD display and removable detangling comb

The prices of the three products are Php2000-2500 each in Philippines.


  1. oooh, nice haul! I was thinking of getting a babyliss curling iron.

  2. I love the curling iron~! I prefer natural looking curls/waves and it is easy to use. It usually take me around 10-15 minutes curling my hair. I haven't tried other brand but I already kind of trusted Babyliss quality so I just buy the same brand. I just wish they have curling irons in sizes too.

  3. The removable filter is so you can clean it. It catches dust and air particles and prevents them from clogging up your dryer, possibly causing it to overheat and end up starting a fire. When you see the filter starting to get dirty you remove it, clean it and then put it back on :)

  4. where can i buy that brand?..

  5. I am able to buy it from Landmark, if you are in the Philippines. These should also be available online. :)


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