Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July Makeup Inspired Look

It's almost July 4 ^_~ So I came up with a look inspired by the coming holiday. It's an everyday look so to those who are not that adventurous when it comes to makeup, this is pretty safe to wear.

How to achieve the look (eye makeup):
1. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply white shadow over your lids and under your brows.
2. Using a blending brush, take a deep red shadow and apply it along your crease moving towards the inner corner. Blend down the color towards the white eyeshadow applied to your lid to create a gradient effect.
3. Using the same brush, take a light brown shadow and apply to the outer corner moving above the edge of the red shadow on your crease area to soften the look. Blend until harsh edges are gone.
3. Re-apply white shadow under your brows to intensify the highlight.
4. With a wet liner brush, take a blue shadow and use it to line your lash line. Extend it over a bit to your lids. Apply the same to your lower lash line.
5. Intensify the look with a black liner. Do not put too thick line so the blue would still stand out.
6. Tight line your upper lash line to make your eye lashes look thicker.
7. Apply mascara.

Finish of your look with a peach blush and your favorite lipstick or gloss. ♥

Products used:
- Sigma Makeup brushes: duo fiber brush, small angle brush, tapered blending brush, eye shading brush, eyeliner brush, blending brush
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
- Coastal Scents 88 matte palette
- Chanel Powder Brush 13 Candy
- MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
- MAC Brow Set Beguile
- Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder 01
- Paul & Joe Lipstick C 064
- Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 257


  1. Ooo, super pretty! :D i love the coastal scents palettes! there awesome.

  2. qute!!saw this look in facebook..it will be perfect for some one like me who dont like doin in ur face makeup!

  3. Your so talented I wish I could do this too! :)

  4. @Fatima - I too doesn't really feel comfortable with "in your face" type of makeup. :D I like subtle looks and yet doesn't limit you from using color :D

    @BeautyReviews101(: - haha thanks! I don't think one has to have a pure talent to be able to do this. It's more like not being afraid to experiment and keep trying. :D I've tried creating looks that failed tremendously and those failures help me understand better what works and what doesn't when it comes to doing personal makeup :D

  5. The blending is amazing! nice work! You have inspired me to try some pinks and reds.

  6. I like how this look doesn't look like an obvious 4th July look ! :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo