Saturday, June 19, 2010

Makeup Finds: Sedona Lace Makeup Palettes

I just recently got a new makeup palette :) It is an 88 color eyeshadow palette from Sedona Lace. I have a similar palette from Coastal Scents which I also love. ^_~

I also noticed that they are selling a 12 pc pink makeup brush kit which looks exactly like Sigma Makeup brushes but almost half its price. I haven't tried their brushes yet and I am a bit hesitant to try. I am not saying their brushes is not of good quality but I already have 3 sets of brushes of different brands that I am already using. If you are starting with makeup then I think this set is really good and affordable for starters. I've seen some other bloggers who gave good reviews to it so it might be worth a try.

If you are interested to buy their products you can visit their site. They usually do garage sales on Facebook and give discounts. They also host giveaways to their Facebook friends and twitter followers so if you haven't added them yet, then do so. :)

I will try post a review on the palette once I am able to test and try it for few weeks. If any of you have tried their products, then feel free to share your experiences with them to other viewers. :)


  1. That sounds intresting tell me if you buy anything in the future and how it works out for you. :)

  2. wow these brushes are cheap indeed Oo; too bad they don't have them in black... Don't you mind if I ask how much did you pay for the shipping charges? thanks a lot~!!

  3. @isabelgonzalez1234 I think I'd give their makeup products a try, not sure about the brushes since I am more confident about Sigma Makeup's brushes since I've tried them already and right now I no longer need additional brushes. :)

    @Rainie I haven't tried the brushes as well. But if you are in US, I think shipping charges is free/cheap depending on how much you buy from them. Shipping charges to Asia costs about $17.


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo