Saturday, May 28, 2011

Makeup Tutorial - Simple No-makeup Makeup :)

Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted a tutorial, and I want to share with you this look that I wear almost everyday. It only takes about 15 minutes so it is perfect when you are in a rush. This is a very simple and natural look but you can easily convert this to a more glam and dramatic look in seconds.

Here are the steps to achieve this look:
1. First, it is very important to prime your face. Since this look would look best with light coverage, having a good base would be essential. I used my Paul & Joe moisturizing primer. My skin got really dry from the cold weather so if you have very dry skin like me, I suggest you load your skin with moisturizer night before you apply your makeup. This can give your skin time to restore back moisture so it looks supple and healthy in the morning. My moisturizer isn't enough so I use petroleum jelly instead (not sure if this is ok but it works for me). I suggest you do a skin test to make sure that you are not allergic to it. Also, don't forget to prime your lips :)

I also would want to add that if you have very dry patches, make sure you exfoliate regularly.

2. Once the skin is ready, I applied MAC Studio Fix foundation in NC35 (I got pale so I think I would be switching to NC30 since NC35 look darker on my skin lately, before it was an exact match) with my Sigma flat top kabuki. I just applied very little amount and lightly buff it over my skin to even out any discoloration on my face.

If you have marks on your skin, spot conceal. Try not to layer too much foundation on your skin since we are aiming for a very natural look. Using my Urban Decay multi-tasker brush, I applied the same foundation on specific areas where I need maximum coverage. I blended out the edges so it feathers out naturally. I applied very light amount and add light layers until I get the coverage that I need. I also applied additional layers around the crease of my nose and under my eyes.

If you have even skin, I suggest to skip this step and instead apply a very light layer of loose powder.

3. Next is to shape your brows. It is imperative that you groom your brows since this frames your eyes and totally give you a different look. If you notice, different shapes and shade can change the way you look. Remember that wearing a very pretty eyeshadow without grooming your brows will just defeat its purpose.

Since we are going very natural, aim to stick with your natural brow shape.  I used my Paul & Joe eyebrow powder and lightly brush my brows using very light strokes. I concentrated on filling in gaps and defining its shape. I try to avoid making my brows look drawn, so I try not to put too much. If you have very light brows, the powder would still work but if you want a more defined one, you can use an eyebrow pencil but make sure that you use light short strokes and avoid going beyond your natural brow shape. If you happen to have very thick brows, you don't require to use much product and keep it as it is.

4. Next, I used my Urban Decay NAKED palette for contouring my eyes. Don't forget to prime your eyes to prevent creasing. I first applied Sin using my Sigma blending brush and lightly brush the color over my eyelid. Depending on your shade, use a color that is a little bit lighter than your skin. Don't go too light, just find a shade that is very close to your skin color. Sin has a satin finish so be careful and not put too much as it tends to look shiny when applied too much. I applied Naked over Sin to give it a semi-matte finish. Then to give my lids definition, I applied Hustle (a very deep dark brown color) on the outer corners of my eyes using the same brush. I applied very light layers and slowly build up the color until I get the depth that I need. From the outer corner, I blended the color up and towards the mid section of my eyelids, just under my crease. I don't have very defined crease so this gives an illusion of having one. If you want to go for a smokey eye look, you can add another layer of black eyeshadow to make it more dramatic. I skipped the black shadow since I am aiming for a more natural look. Complete the look by adding Virgin eyeshadow as highlight under your eyebrows.

5. Then to make your lashes look thicker and to keep the natural look, I tight-lined my upper lids with Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil. Then I applied very thin line over my lashes starting from the outer corner going towards the center. Depending on your eye shape, and how you want your eyes look, you apply thicker on either the outer corner or mid portion of your eyelids. Since I want my eyes look a bit rounder,  I applied thicker on the outer part of my lids. Using my Sigma small angle brush, I blended out the eyeliner to get rid of harsh edges and let it fade out naturally.

6. I then applied small amount of Chanel blush in Candy over the apple of my cheeks to add color. I used my Suesh blush brush and blended it towards my hairline. Try not to put too much blush, just a little hint of color will do.

7. Lastly, I mixed my MAC Viva Glam lipstick in Satin and Paul & Joe lipstick in #064. I finished the look with my Eyeko Portobello lip gloss.



  1. Simple but beautiful :)

    You are wearing the Naked Palette. I want to see a closer look. I've been debating about this palette. I love looking at reviews and looks from it. But your are so pretty!

  2. I am not sure if I am able to make a review about it but I will work on that for you. If you are into a more wearable subtle look then I think you would like it.. but if you are into a more funky and striking look then you might find it boring. The colors are pigmented tho the only complain about this product is that it is a bit messy to apply and i experience a lot of fall outs. Overall it is a good palette to have if you don't have any warm palette yet.

  3. your skin looks flawless...good post :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

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