Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Jewelmints

I've heard so much about this new jewelry line and made me curious since so many people rave about it. So I went to to get my free style profile. The brand is a collaboration between celebrity stylist/designer, Cher Coulter, and actress/fashionista, Kate Bosworth.

The site basically lets you answer questions for them to know your personal style and be able to suggest pieces that would best fit your taste. The site is a membership type where you sign up and pay $29.99/month and you get a new piece of jewelry. Each month they will give you a personalized selection where you can select a jewelry for the month. The good thing about this is that you can skip a month and you will not be charged if you didn't like any of the jewelries selected for you.

I am very fond of unique pieces and always looking for items that are hard to find and uncommon. Their jewelries are very limited in number so it was perfect for me. Also, the design selections are pretty accurate.

My first purchase is the Charleston Earrings, an Art Deco inspired antique silver dangling earrings with multifaceted amethyst and pave set hematite stones. I was so excited to get them today ^_^ (sorry for the low quality photos)

Unfortunately, to those who might be wanting to purchase the same earrings, these are already sold out. The pieces are very limited and they are handcrafted so you really know that you are getting really unique pieces :) What I like about these kind of jewelries is that it doesn't depreciate since they are not so common. It looks expensive and elegant so you can wear it even in formal occasions.

Another great thing about their site is that they give you suggestions on which type of outfit it would really look good or stand out so it gives you an instant style guide.

Here some of my favorites that I bought from the site.

They ship for free tho it is unfortunate that they only ship to US, Hawaii and Alaska.

♥ Miyo


  1. WOW. Already sold out, but I can see why. It looks so pretty. Good pick :)

  2. Thanks :) Their items sold out fast too since they only offer limited items :D


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo