Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Look - Bold Bright Lips

Spring is all about colors. I know most of the time we give more attention to the eyes than anything else in our face but I wanted to create a look that would accentuate lips. Since bright colors are really in for Spring, here's a simple wearable look that would definitely let you play with lots of colors to your lips.

Lips - First off I used the Maybelline Super Stay 24 color lip color in G002 to even out the color of my lips. You can use any long lasting lip color or lipstick that is similar to the shade of your lips. Once it dried out, I applied petroleum jelly to add moisture to my lips. Then I pat on a bright pink eyeshadow, I used the Urban Decay Junkshow. Then I topped it with the Christian Dior lipstick in Rouge to add a little bit of creaminess to the look. You can add a little bit of bright pink gloss just in the middle part of your lower lips to make it look fuller and plump.

Eyes - I wanted a very simple makeup for the eyes to draw more attention to the lips but at the same time compliment the brightness of its color. After putting on primer, I just pat on Urban Decay Chase eyeshadow on my lids. Then I gradually blended it out towards my crease. Then to add more depth to the color I applied Urban Decay M.I.A. shadow just around the outer corners of my eyes blending in towards the center. I finished it off with a liquid liner, and added a light wing to it, and a mascara.

It's a really simple and very easy to do look so you could practically wear it everyday. You can experiment with more colors by changing the eyeshadow shade that you are using for your lips so you will never run out of looks for spring! Then just stay with neutral shades for your eyes to soften the look and make it look really chic.

I hope you like this quick tutorial. ♥

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