Monday, September 27, 2010

Eyeko Nail Polish Photo from Thifa

Hi ^_~ I got an email from Thifa, one of the winners of my previous giveaway, about the Eyeko nail polish that she won. I would like to share it with you so you have an idea how great the polish is. She only applied 2 coats on her nails and the color looks really good! Lovely nails made even lovelier with the polish! Thanks Thifa for sharing!

Eyeko Vampira Polish

Has any of you purchased an Eyeko polish? Share your photos too and I will post it so others can see :)


  1. Unfortunately that is my only Eyeko polish (thanks to you!) but I might try more shades after this experience :) I wore it with a single coat for 2 days but reapply for the photo. Otherwise, a one coat polish. Amazing :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo