Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Hi peeps! Sorry if I've been on hiatus for sometime and haven't been posting tutorials lately. Something came up with my personal life which is giving me so much stress and dreadfully causing my skin to breakout :( I haven't had skin problems before aside from having some dry areas under my eyes and around my nose but lately I am starting to have pimples. (I need a week in the spa to relax maybe)

I know this is way too late to announce but I finally got my Limited Edition Urban Decay Book of Shadows III UD♥NYC and Eye Primer :) I ordered it from US so it took a long route to Singapore then finally to Philippines! yay! I will be working on different looks out of this palette so watch out for it. Also, I finally was able to order the NAKED palette! After almost 2 months of wait can you believe that? :) It's on its way so I would most likely get it by mid or end of November. I hate how I have to order it from US, have it ship to Singapore and finally to Philippines but for the love of makeup.. I guess it's worth the wait :)

Last weekend, I stayed at Edsa Shangri-La hotel to give myself personal time off, unwind and allow myself to relax a bit. Do I sound problematic? haha! Oh well, I booked an executive suite at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, invited my cousin and her cute little niece over, did some shopping and tried to divert my mind from depressing thoughts. I am also happy to announce that I am back to taking photos again! Here are some shots that I took of the place and my niece.

Thanks to my super cute model, Stefanie Ang.


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