Saturday, March 6, 2010

how i became a MUA

i seldom wear make-up and most people ask how the hell i got interested with it. let me tell you how..

i've always been interested with make-up since HS and i remember myself and my cousin sheila check out discount/bargain counters to search for stick eyeshadows and whatever product we can afford. altho i only wear them at certain occasions, living in a country that is way too conservative and students are not allowed to wear cosmetics in school, that did not stop me from being fascinated with it.

college was better since i had the freedom to wear make-up. that time i am more into natural look and being blessed with a clear skin, a face powder and earth tone matte lipsticks were my thing. i did wear eyeshadows once in a while, i had three tones - black, green and white - but never used them often. i don't remember why i chose those colors LOL. i never used a brush and depended on with my fingers :) (i'd say ot gives me more control). guys tend to be so childish at times and they usually tease girls wearing makeup so for some reason i stopped putting make-up on. i kept the powder and lipstick tho.

fast forward to graduating year, i had to get a job for specific reasons.. i applied as an assistant to few salons and got rejected with 2 reasons - 1. i don't have experience and 2. they always thought i am way overqualified to be a salon assistant since i am about to finish engineering. WTF! people kept telling me i should find a job related to my course.. those bitches!

fast forward 6 years after, i bought my first dslr. i enjoyed taking photos even before the purchase and got me back to being the artist that i was. being addicted to antm, i have been inspired to
learn high fashion photography. with it revived my interest in high fashion makeup.

unfortunately, i had to let go of my dslr and stop photography. i still want to be involved with high fashion so i thought why not be a MUA instead? i was a bit hesitant at first since i had been rejected before. i have to learn so i searched youtube and found lauren luke's videos. she was amazing! i learned alot of techniques from her. i purchased make-up once again and started my journey. then saw a colleague back in 2001 who also started her career as MUA. she motivated me to pursue this long lost dream (thanks ads!)

i practised and followed every online tutorial i find. using my own face as canvass. my first gig at a wedding boosted my confidence. the rest is history. i had been requested to provide service for photoshoots and other events. i enjoy it alot!

i had one on one session with josa quintas-primero and i plan to enroll in maquillage professionel by makeupforever very soon to polish my skills and provide me good backbone as i pursue my journey as a MUA.

i wouldn't be able to make it this far without the continuous encouragement i get from my friends and family so i thank them for supporting me :)

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