Saturday, March 6, 2010

burt's bees beeswax lip balm review

chapped and dry lips had been my problem for the longest time until i discovered burt's bees lip balm. i was on a trip with a friend in thailand when i discovered the product. she mailed me one and i tried it for one month.

- i noticed that my lips stopped cracking and no longer peel after the first week of use
- it has peppermint which gives this cooling effect on my lips
- compared to petroleum jelly,  another great product to reduce dryness, it is not greasy at all. i used petroleum jelly before just that i couldn't last 10 minutes of having it on my lips because it feels greasy. with the burt's bees lip balm, the soothing feeling and non greasy feel allowed me to re-apply the product over and over thus keeping my lips conditioned the entire day.
- for more than a month of using it, i felt my lips softer
- the 8.5g package could last for about a year which is like spending 1 peso per day of use
- it looks natural on the lips, no shine, no grease

- availability is a bit of a problem for me since only selected stores sell the product in philippines
- can be totally addicting (i found myself applying the product like a reflex LOL)
- has very strong minty smell (my co-workers can smell my lips even if they are one cubicle away from me)
- i have to use my fingers to apply so i have to use a hand sanitizer everytime i put it on

all in all i recommend this product to every girl who face the same dilemma as i did. 

*the product was gifted to me by my friend and i am not affiliated with the product manufacturer. everything stated in my review is based on my experience from using the product

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  1. I also have dry and chapped lips, I want to try this. XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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