Sunday, March 7, 2010

why plucking your eyebrows is not good

it has always been a debate whether to pluck your eyebrows or not. most people prefer plucking their brows since it looks better, gives them more control and gives a really clean trim.

however, plucking brows can also cause premature skin aging. when you pluck your brows, the skin is stretched for every hair you remove. the continuous and numerous times you stretch the skin above your eyelids during plucking can cause it to eventually becoming loose. this will cause your eyelids to sag as you get older. sagging eyelids is not that easy to fix, specially that the skin around the eyes are very thin and sensitive. finding a product to tighten the skin around the eyes is not as easy as finding one for your face.

so what are the other options you can do aside from shaving? you can do threading, waxing or laser hair removal. threading and waxing can be a bit expensive compared to shaving (which is totally free) but these methods give the same clean trim that plucking provides. the skin could still be stretched as you pull the hair off, but not as much as you do when you pluck them.

if you do not wish to go to a salon to have a professional do it for you, there are alot of home waxing products you can use. i use either sally hansen or epilin. sally hansen's price is twice as much as epilin. i prefer sally hansen to remove facial hair since it is easy to use (you just heat it in the microwave) and it gives me more control in applying the product because of its consistency. the only thing i don't like about sally hansen is that it can be a little bit messy and it does not harden. so there are chances that you would need to re-apply and remove the remaining hair 2-3 times. the kit includes skin conditioner which is also a great bonus :)

on the other hand, if you prefer to do costless trimming without shaving, you can thread your own eyebrows. threading the eyebrows is easy to learn and it's free. the only tradeoff is, it can be very painful.

laser hair removal is the best option but it can be very expensive. i recommend this though. it would cost around 40-50 dollars in phils but it could give you about 1-2 months of no trimming plus it doesn't stretch your skin at all.

whether you like to shave, thread, wax or use laser to trim your brows, it's all up to you as long as you prevent yourself from plucking again. :)

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