Sunday, March 28, 2010

paul & joe haul - spring 2010 self select eye color

i went shopping with my cousin today. i was supposed to only canvass on the prices for mac concealer and foundation so i can compare it with mac prices in singapore before buying since i would be shopping there next week (alright i am being cheap since i need to buy 3 shades of foundation and 3 shades of concealer).

i figured temptation will always get me whenever i pass by paul & joe section. i know i easily fall for the paul & joe packaging (what i notice first all the time) aside from the fact the quality of makeup is really really good.

i was a bit disappointed to see the alice in wonderland collection as i am hoping that there would be alot of make-up to choose from. unfortunately they only have the blotting paper and lip moisturizer which i don't find practical to buy (unless you are just going after buying limited edition items). anyway, the new eyeshadow colors released this spring caught our attention.

you guessed right.. i was not able to resist it. i bought 3 shades of the spring 2010 self select eye color and the eye color palette to fit in all 3 shadows in my purse. i bought daisy (03), pussycat (06) and fable (07). i'm glad that since i already told myself that i don't plan to splurge on personal makeup today, i am able to resist buying all 25 colors!

the eyeshadows are available in sheer, pearly and matte textures. the colors are highly pigmented and you can either wear it subtle or use a primer to bring out the brightness of the color. the palette comes with an applicator so you can use anytime, anywhere.

01 secret of gold
02 torch song
03 daisy
04 pistachio
05 waterlily
06 pussycat
07 fable
08 starry night
09 sterling
10 spotlight
11 nearly nude
12 paper lantern
13 little sister
14 chrysanthemum
15 belladonna
16 chateau
17 museum
21 tempest
22 courtyard
24 leatherbound

the colors used for the promo photo are 01, 03 and 07. each shadow costs Php820.00 and the palette costs Php520.00.

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