Sunday, March 28, 2010

review: sigma essential brush kit

i have been using the sigma complete brush kit for over a month now and the sigma eye kit for more than 5 months. ever since i used them, i have been recommending these brushes to people i know who are looking for affordable but high quality make-up brushes. after using them for so long, i figured now is the time for me to review these brushes and give my comments on these brushes.

shipping/packaging - one thing that i noticed when i got the brushes is that they are contained in bubble envelope instead of a sealed box covered with bubble wrap which could be a bit risky of getting the items damaged. since shipping cost is cheap and i always get the brushes in good condition, this isn't much of an issue for me. i liked it how they wrapped the brushes in a lace type bag which looks cute if you are gifting them. also, they included with the brushes brochures that will help you how to use and care for your new brushes.

the brush roll is included when you buy the complete set in pink, however you have an option to get the black one with or without the brush roll. the brush roll is made of synthetic material which is really soft. it looks really stylish and has a self fastening magnetic closure which prevents your brushes from slipping out of your roll. i usually just toss it around and my brushes are intact inside the roll. another thing i like about this is that it is easy to clean.

brushes - the brushes were hand-sculpted and made high quality material. they are lightweight and durable. the handles are long enough to give you the control that you need. i like that they have introduced the pink brushes which adds uniqueness to your kit. of course they have the black brushes for a more professional look. i also noticed that the design of the brushes are similar to mac and also the numbers are also patterned from the mac brushes. the quality is similar, if not, close to mac brushes at a lower price.

the complete brush kit has 12 brushes while the eyes kit have 7 brushes. both kits include a free ss217 travel brush which is assumed to be about $9 value for free.

ss150 large powder brush - this brush is so dense and big enough to use for applying powder to both face and body. it has rounded top made of natural bristles and feels very soft. the only thing i don't like much about this brush at first is that it bled for first few times i washed it and shed so much for the first few weeks i used it. specially when i am using it with heavy foundation the bristles tend to stick and shed which could be a bit annoying to remove off the face. although after few times using it, the bleeding and shedding stops.

ss190 foundation brush - this brush is made of synthetic bristles which prevents liquid foundation from being absorbed by the brush so when using it, i didn't have to waste so much foundation to cover the entire face. altho i prefer using the stippling brush (187 brush) to apply liquid foundation, i prefer this to apply cream foundation or moisturizer in the skin. using this brush to apply moisturizer is recommended since it prevents you from dragging the skin when using your fingers and helps you prevent premature aging and sagging. also, when using the brush, it also prevents product wastage since it doesn't absorb unlike when using fingers during application.

ss168 large angled contour brush - this brush is one of my favorites since the angle gives me more control on how much i want to apply the bronzer or blush on the face. also i am able to use the tip of the brush to apply highlights to small areas. the brush is made of natural bristles so it is very soft to skin. this shed a bit but kind of lessened after few times that i used it.

ss187 duo fibre brush - this type of brush is my favorite since this gives an "airbrushed" finish when used to apply liquid foundation. the brush is more dense than the mac 187 so it feels a little stiff on the face. even if it feels like poking the face, it still was able to give the same airbrushed effect that the mac brush does.

ss194 concealer brush - this is the mini version of the ss190. i find it useful to apply concealer around the nose area, under the eyes and other small areas that need coverage. i haven't used this as much as i did for other brushes as i don't use concealer that often.

ss275 medium angled shading brush - this brush is one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes since it has multiple uses. the bristles are natural and soft. the density is just enough to apply color and use to blend the colors as well. this brush is very useful when you are on the go and doesn't have to change brushes to apply and blend in different colors. you can use it to apply the shadow by patting on the color using the flat side of the brush, apply the color for crease and the outer v using the tip of the brush, and use the angled edge to blend in the colors.

ss266 small angle brush - this brush is useful to apply gel eyeliners or to fill in the brows. i prefer using it to apply gel eyeliner. it is very easy to control how you want to apply your liner. lets you apply as thin as you want and by adding a bit of pressure during application lets you control the thickness as well. of all the brushes in the kit, this is my most used brush. i didn't like it for using it on my eyebrows since i don't think it is dense enough to define brow shape. however, if your brow shape is perfect but just need to fill in some gaps, then this brush is ok to use.

ss252 large shader brush - i didn't see anything special about this except for the quality is comparable to suesh and mac shader brushes at a lower price. the quality is good and bristles feel good on the skin.

ss239 eye shading brush - this is brush is almost the same as the suesh and mac brush and also same quality for less. it also feels very soft to touch.

ss219 pencil brush - i didn't use this much since i use the angle brush more when applying shadow on the outer corner and crease. i find the brush so dense which gives you full control when applying color to specific areas. i often use this to smudge liners to soften edges.

ss224 tapered blending brush - this brush is so soft which is perfect for blending colors without totally reducing the intensity of the color. i use this to soften edges above the crease and blending colors together. it does not bleed or shed.

ss209 eyeliner brush - even if this is named as an eyeliner brush, i haven't used it for applying eyeliners since i find it easier to use the ss266. instead i use it to apply powder shadow over the liner to set it. also i use this to apply color to the lower lash line since it can precisely control the thickness of the color that you want to apply. it is also good to soften liners on the lower lash line to make it look more natural.

overall, for the $99 i spent to buy 13 brushes (includes the free blending brush) against spending $355.5 for the equivalent mac brushes found in the kit, even with the additional $39 i spent for shipping, i am able to save so much by choosing sigma. i think this is more practical and very affordable since the quality is close to the quality of mac or any other high-end brand make-up brushes.

sigma also offer travel kits with the same high quality brushes. i wanted to get one just that i would've preferred if they included a small angled brush to apply liner and fill in eyebrows with the kit and their new lipstick brush in it. :D hopefully they would release another travel kit with these brushes included.

*the review of the product is on my own and the products mentioned in the review were purchased.


  1. HI! i would like to ask how many days have you waited for your order? coz for me it will be almost a month now since i get a confirmation that my orders has been shipped. but until now.. it's not yet comming. =(


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