Friday, March 5, 2010

sigma 187 brush review (comparison to mac)

i just purchased the new pink brush kit from sigma which includes the stippling brush which is similar to the mac 187 brush. i am a fan of sigma brushes since they are of really good quality. i can say they would compare with mac brushes, at a very affordable price (it cost me only 89 dollars for 12 brushes).

for most people who know me, i apply foundation and make-up bases in a not so common manner. i use the stippling method in applying base and do not use foundation brushes or sponges. instead i use my mac 187 brush by dabbing the liquid foundation lightly until it blends well in the skin. this generally gives the airbrush look when applying foundation.

since i am now doing makeup for various people aside for myself, and i want to have separate brush set for myself and for the clients, i purchased the kit and got another 187 brush, this time from sigma. i was able to test it out for a week and here are some points i have on the product.

- really soft so it doesn't irritate the skin. being a combination of synthetic and natural bristles, the quality is really great specially that it doesn't give this itchy feeling on the skin.
- it does not absorb much foundation than the mac brush so less product is wasted.
- the product doesn't clump on the bristles allowing even application to skin. (mac has a tendency to absorb the product and sometimes it clumps which is a bit messy during application)
- no bleeding as of posting and i haven't seen any fallouts yet.
- also good to apply loose pigments.
- cheaper for same effect and quality.

- since it does not absorb much product, it takes a while to apply the product to the face and would require more dabbing than i usually do for mac.
- it is not good to apply pressed products. i tried applying with a pressed bronzer won't stick much to its bristles.

i love this product so much and i purchased another from sigma (16 dollars) for client use. :)

*the product was purchased by me and i am not affiliated with the product manufacturer. everything stated in my review is based on my experience from using the product

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