Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally Found the Perfect Sunglasses

If you know me in person you would probably know how picky I am about buying sunglasses. I usually have a hard time finding the right design and perfect frame that would suit my taste and flatter my round face. It's been ages since I've been trying so hard to find one that wouldn't look odd on me.

I was able to find one at Mango sometime last year but being so cheap I decided not to buy it right away even when it is only sold for Php2,500(~US$57). Unfortunately when I decided to buy them, they are already out of stock or probably decommissioned :( I've been on a search since then. I saw cute sunglasses in Charles and Keith in Serendra but unfortunately I was in a rush last Friday I didn't have the time to try them out. I tried to find the same glasses in Trinoma but they do not sell sunglasses there.

I am starting to have headaches for not wearing glasses for more than a year already so I went to Optical Shop Trinoma today to replace the Burberry eyeglasses I lost last year. While waiting for my new eyeglasses, I saw and noticed the Roberto Cavalli sunglasses displayed there but I find it too expensive to spend Php18,990 (~US$432) for sunglasses that I would use everyday. I also didn't like the design enough to make me spend for it so I decided to postpone buying sunglasses.

As I left the Optical Shop, across the store is another eye shop (which I unfortunately forgot the name) with the sign "up to 70% off" haha! :) So I decided to look around and check what they have. I admit I was attracted by the 70% offer but unfortunately the ones on sale are tacky. However,  I saw 2 glasses I liked woo hoo!

First is this Guess GU 7019 BLK sunglasses. It has a metal frame with "G" logo endpiece, handmade temple with metal pyramid plaques and dark gray gradient CR39 lens. I was surprised that it was on sale and costs only Php3,890 (~US$89). It is part of the GUESS 2011 Women's Sun Collection. I am not familiar with Guess prices so I really don't know if it's cheap or not. It looks like the one in the picture but it is black.

Second one I saw is the Gucci medium square frame sunglasses with bamboo detail on temple. It was sold for Php13,890 (~US$316). It has a black plastic frame with bamboo detail and gray gradient lens. I tried to search the Gucci site for this particular design and I found out that this is only available in their Italian online shop and being sold for €220. The US online shop has the same design but different in color (red plastic frame and brown/purple gradient lens) sold for US$295.

I fell in-love at first sight with the Gucci one but not that much with the Guess since I find it common for some reason. I am not someone who would spend this much on sunglasses but once I like something so bad I have to get it. I've been searching for so long to find the perfect sunglasses for me and I am so happy to finally found one. :) Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale but the lady there said she would give me a discount for the Guess sunglasses if I am taking it so I did and got the 2 for only Php15,400 (~US$350). So I bought the other glasses for only 1500 haha :)

I wasn't looking for one because I want to be fashionable, I needed it because I didn't want to squint which causes lines/wrinkles along the outer corners of my eyes and I didn't want UV rays damaging the thin layer of skin around my eyes whenever I am out in the sun. I know I am paranoid about UV damage on my skin but I am happy I found something that looks fashionable and gives me 100% protection at the same time :) I plan to use the cheaper one for daily use and use the other whenever I travel out of the country so its not bad I got both. ^_^


  1. glad you found a nice pair, at least you know you invested in a quality set :-)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

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