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Review of MAKE UP FOR EVER Best of Rock For Ever Products

I purchased the MAKE UP FOR EVER Best of Rock For Ever Limited Edition kit released for Holiday 2010 last December. After almost 3 months of using the products, finally time for a review :) The kit, packaged in a rock studded tin box, includes the five of the brand's bestsellers for the eyes and face - HD Microperfecting Primer in #0 Neutral, HD Microfinish Powder, Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in #0L, Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara and Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser. The kit is no longer available for purchase but the products included in the kit are still available for individual purchase.

Individual Product Review:
HD Microperfecting Primer in #0 Neutral - the primer, being one of the essential must haves when applying makeup, is important to be able to control the oil levels of your skin, fill in fine lines and leave a soft dewy finish so foundation can be applied easily and flawlessly. One thing I liked about this primer is its consistency. It's not too thick and it's oil free. When applied to skin, it feels really cool which is great for relaxing tired skin. It dries quickly so there is less time to wait before applying your foundation. I've tried it in both oily and dry skin and it helped me achieve a soft dewy finish after applying foundation on. Also, another thing I like about this primer is that it doesn't have SPF and since it is designed for HD makeup, this is great to use for photography. On top of these, the HD Primer is a skin care product. It nourishes, moisturizes, softens and leaves the skin a glowing effect. Compared to the Paul & Joe primer that I have been using for almost 2 years already, I prefer this brand now. This product is also available in 6 color-correcting shades.

HD Microfinish Powder -  this setting powder is designed to match any skin tone, so as a makeup artist, this is very handy since I don't need to bring multiple setting powders to match my client/s' skin tone. I usually apply a very thin layer of this powder enough to set the foundation so it will last longer. As for oil control, I haven't really tested how effective this powder is to control oil since my skin is dry. I've used is few times with my sister who has extremely oily skin and it was able to keep her face oil free for few hours. For oily skin, I suggest to always keep an oil control film in your purse and NOT wipe it on your face when removing oil. Just lightly press the film on the area where you want to reduce oil that way your makeup would last longer. Also, remember that this product can be invisible to the naked eye (and also camera) when applied, so be very careful not to apply too much of this product. A small amount of the product on your powder brush and a single swipe of the brush is enough since the very purpose of these kind of products are to give you a flawless finish without letting anyone know you are wearing makeup :) Overall, I would keep using this powder as part of my kit and on gigs.

Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in #0L - What I like about this eyeliner is that it is easy to apply and very creamy. Unlike other eyeliner pencils that I have tried, this really gives me a deep matte black color so I don't need to add multiple coats of liner to get the intensity I need. Since it is very creamy and easy to apply, this do not tug the skin on your eyelids so it doesn't irritate your eye contour. Also this really makes tight lining very easy. However, even if it is waterproof and claimed not to run under extreme conditions, this liner has a tendency to smudge a lot if not left dry. It is important to let it dry and set it with a black eyeshadow to prevent having raccoon eyes. I am not much of an eyeliner pencil fan since I find it easier to apply cream liners but trying this product made me have second thoughts about only preferring cream liners. This is a good product to include in your travel kit since you can easily apply liner on without have to worry about bringing an extra brush to apply cream liner.

Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara  - Honestly I am not much of a fan of this product and I don't see anything special about this mascara except that it does extend the lashes making then look fuller and longer. So if you have really short lashes, I would recommend trying this. Be careful in applying the product since it clumps a lot. I had to use a disposable spool right after every application to remove excess product. Also when it dries, it tends to fall off as powder which messes up at times. This is not waterproof but there is a waterproof version of this which is the Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. Overall this product is OK, just need to make sure any excess of this product is removed to avoid fallouts. This can be pricey for a mascara and since I throw away mascaras every three months, I don't think this is something that I would purchase for personal use.

Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser - If you are into putting so much makeup on your eyes, then this product is for you. I find this very handy specially when I use waterproof makeup on my eyes. Most makeup removers sting when used around the eyes and since this product is designed to be gentle on the eyes, removing mascara and eyeliners can be very easy. It has a creamy consistency so using a cotton ball with this is not really great so I use cotton pads instead. I would prefer this in liquid form tho, but I know it would be dangerous to use liquid products around the eyes since it tends to get in the tear ducts. For waterproof makeup, you can soak a cotton pad or wool in the product and place is over your eyes and let it sit there for few minutes so the makeup would be easier to remove. You can also put the product directly on your eyelids and wipe off with a cotton pad. It is recommended to use with Cool Lotion but unfortunately the other product was not included in the kit.

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