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Sephora's New Collection - Hello Kitty Beauty

Sephora just launched the Hello Kitty Beauty collection this year after offering it first to Sephora Beauty Insiders last December 18-19, 2010. Since the first time I've seen the collection in Dec, I instantly fell in love with it specially the makeup brushes and tools. Unfortunately, Sephora doesn't ship to non-US locations and doesn't also allow credit card purchase from non-US cards. I would've used the HopShopGo service, but since this is only a 2-day event, that option is also not possible.

Invitation letter sent to Sephora Beauty Insiders last December

This year, they finally launched it to public and my excitement was back as usual. I am controlling myself right now and let's see how much longer I can resist the temptation. Here are some of the makeup products from the collection.

Hello Kitty Brush Set - the highlight of this product is the cute metallic silver Hello Kitty container that goes with it. I think this would be a good piece on your dresser and serves as an eye candy. If you are after the quality of the brushes, then I would suggest you try and check them first at the store. As for me, I would purchase this, no matter how the brushes suck , only for its aesthetic value ^_^. I know I'm not a smart buyer most of the time but this really is too cute not to have!

I don't like the idea tho of having to lift Hello Kitty's head off to open the container (I just can't bear the thought of decapitating Hello Kitty for the sake of it LOL). I was hoping it would be some sort of an opening from the back or maybe at the bottom.

Each brush is made of synthetic white bristles with pink tips. Since the brushes are synthetic (even if they claim it's of high quality) I probably won't be that much of a fan of the brushes. Not that I am against synthetic brushes (I've used high quality synthetic brushes from Sigma Beauty and they are wicked) but I would always prefer natural bristle ones. Like I said no matter how the brushes may suck, I would still buy this. :) Also what I liked about this is they have selected the essential brushes so this basically gives you complete access to all the tools you need.

Included in this set:
- Face Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Shader/Blending Brush
- Angled Eyeliner Brush
- Lip Brush
- Collectible Hello Kitty brush container (plastic)
Retail Price: $49

Glittercute Collection Made With Swarovski Elements - This collection is the same as the Hello Kitty brushes except that the container is more posh and glamorous (and not to mention pricey). If I have way excess money to splurge on things that are nice to have but I don't really need, then I would definitely go for this one. The Hello Kitty container in this collection has hundreds of dazzling Swarovski crystals encrusted on its surface and contains a set of eight Glittercute Eyeliners and mini makeup brushes inside. Same with the ordinary brush set, you still need to lift the kitty's head to open the container :(

For safe shipping, this product is packaged in a special jewel box. So guys, if you truly want to make the woman of your life happy, you know what to get *hints* ^_^

This set contains:
- Night Sky - black
- Telephone - charcoal
- Coin Purse - silver
- Teapot - medium brown gold
- Hello Sunshine - light gold
- Sandbox - dark brown
- Grape Soda - purple
- Happy Sails - navy
- Face Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Shader/Blending Brush
- Angled Eyeliner Brush
- Lip Brush
Retail Price: $495

Say Hello Palette - this is a tiered compact with four shades of eyeshadows and four shades of lip glosses which contains powerful extracts of strawberry, apple, and grape seed to hydrate and soften skin. Packed with powerful antioxidants, these ingredients also fight free radicals and improve skin's elasticity and youthfulness. This is available in Happy Fun and Super Fun. The Happy Fun gives you more of a neutral and subtle look which is great for day makeup and the Super Fun is more of a smoky purple look which is best during the night. If you are in your teens then I would suggest you get the Happy Fun but if you are looking for a  sexier look then the Super Fun would be the ultimate choice.

I've yet to see swatches of the products included in this set to see how pigmented they are. They have a photo in the site showcasing the makeup but we know that usually they use other makeup brand/line to enhance color and look in the promotional photos. So if you are buying again for quality and pigmentation, it's better to purchase this from the store. I am not a fan of this tho since I don't usually wear eyeshadows on daily basis but this is still a cute accessory in your travel kit. If you have a really good cream base, I think the colors would work well and look more pigmented.

The Happy Fun palette includes:
- Ice Cream (pearl white) eyeshadow
- Airplane (taupe) eyeshadow
- Chocolate Milk (brown) eyeshadow
- Peppermint (sage green) eyeshadow
- Baby Pink (pink) lip gloss
- Peach Pudding (peach) lip gloss
- Strawberry Jam (dark pink) lip gloss
- Springtime (apricot) lip gloss

The Super Fun palette includes:
- Raindrop (gray) eyeshadow
- Sugar Plum (pale lilac) eyeshadow
- Sweet Plum (purple) eyeshadow
- Goodnight Dreams (black) eyeshadow
- Sweet Plum (purple) lip gloss
- Pink Confetti (pink) lip gloss
- Strawberry Cookies (brownish pink) lip gloss
- Snowflake (white) lip gloss
Retail Price: $35

Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit - this pencil box contains 7 eyeliner pencils with a range of colors that is on the blue/purple hue. The site says that it lets you experiment with different looks but I say otherwise. I was hoping to see some reds and bright greens in the set but unfortunately it doesn't include those colors enough to give you a dynamic range of looks. Same as the eyeshadows I've yet to see how pigmented these are. Also these have the same formula with the Say Hello palette that fight free radicals and improve skin's elasticity and youthfulness.

The case, aside from the Hello Kitty print on its cover, is not too unique for me. I was expecting a tube like container with a Hello Kitty head that you lift to open (ok for this sake I wouldn't mind decapitating kitty's head hehe)

This set contains seven 0.056 oz eyeliner pencils in:
- Goodnight Dreams: Black
- Grape Juice: Purple
- Chocolate Milk: Brown
- Happy Cloud: White
- Blueberry: Navy
- Bicycle: Teal Green
- Blue Sky: Bright Light Blue
- A reusable metal case (4 x 5 x 0.5")
Retail Price: $28

Glittercute Eyeliner - this is a chubby stick eyeliner with silver or gold micro glitter so it gives you a shimmery finish. Same with the Kohl eyeliners, I wish they have reds and greens as part of the color selection. I think this eyeliner would work best with the Say Hello Palette as base or highlight and not as liner. Also, I think this is too expensive for a 0.06oz product. Lacking a case for this, I would rather buy ordinary ones to go with the eye shadows. This is also included in the Glittercute Collection.

Colors Available:
Coin Purse (shimmering silver with silver micro glitter)
Grape Soda (dark lilac with silver micro glitter)
Happy Sails (royal blue with silver micro glitter)
Hello Sunshine (shimmering gold with gold micro glitter)
Night Sky (black with silver micro glitter)
Sandbox (chocolate brown with gold micro glitter)
Teapot (shimmering copper with gold micro glitter)
Telephone (shimmering slate gray with silver micro glitter)
Retail Price: $14 per stick

Pen Pal Eyeliner - this is an ultra-precise liquid eyeliner marker available in 4 colors. It has a formulation that washes off easily with regular makeup remover or even soap and water without staining your skin. Same with the Glittercute Eyeliners, I don't see anything special about the packaging so I would most likely pass on this product.

Colors Available:
Chocolate Milk (rich dark brown)
Goodnight Dreams (black)
Picnic Basket (deep forest green)
Purple Balloon (eggplant)
Retail Price: $16 per pen

Apple Cheeks - this is a creamy stick which can either be a blush or a highlighter. Altho I am not into cream blushes or blush stains, I think this would give you a subtle color and not let you overdo the blush. My biggest pet peeve is seeing people with too much blush on so I would be very happy if all those people would consider buying this hehe. It comes in a cute metallic packaging with a printed Hello Kitty design which also makes it an eye candy on your purse.

Colors Available:
Blushing (warm peachy pink)
Charmmy (muted cool rose beige)
Cherry Blossom (medium pink)
Cottonball (shimmering white luminizer)
Peachy (shimmering light peach)
Retail Price: $22 per stick

On top of these products there are also lip glosses and cream shadow sticks which is also part of the collection. Aside from the makeup, they also have Hello Kitty fragrances and tools like mirrors. I will be posting more on these products and let you know what I think about them. :)

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