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DIY Natural Hair Follicle Spray

I used to have thick healthy hair when I was younger but as some people age, hair loss is inevitable. Unfortunately, my genes isn't that great to keep my crown full of hair as I get older. It got worse when I had kids since hormones contributed to further hair loss. I would say my hair loss is one of the worst things that I have to deal with each day.

I have tried a lot of things to alleviate it - took supplements like biotin, had monthly treatments, stopped the regular hair color treatments, had my hair cut regularly and even switched to organic and mild shampoos to no avail.

As I continue on to my wellness journey, I found a really good recipe I figured I should try and hopefully help reduce the hair fall. I wasn't that hopeful when I first tried but I figured I got nothing to lose (except hair which I already am haha) so I did it anyway.  I noticed as soon as I used the hair follicle spray, my hair was shinier and smoother. Two weeks into using it, I noticed that my hair fall was less. I normally leave hair traces in every corner of the house and get daily complaints from my hubby about it. Three weeks into using it, I haven't heard anything from my hubby about how irritating my hair is. I actually didn't notice how much it changed anything until our housekeeper mentioned it. She asked me if I used something to stop my hair loss since she cleaned the entire house and got minimal traces of my hair. Right now I am just waiting for regrowths to get longer and hopefully in few months I would get the Kardashian hair har har! :D OK don't give me that these bitches got fake hair anyway, the way their hair looks just awes me no matter if it is made full of weave.. I want the volume and length most women enjoy. Haha I am not even sure why I have to explain myself, but you sure know what I meant. ^_^

So I know you are reading this because you are also dying to try everything to get those luscious locks. High five! We are on the same boat :) I am not gonna make you wait any longer and here it goes:

Note that the recipe is based on the brand that I used which may differ since effectivity of these depend on the quality of product from the actual plant and production. All the products I used are organic.

What you need:
1oz glass amber spray bottle (or any dark glass bottle) - please do not use plastics unless you don't care about toxins getting in your system
5 drops each of the following essential oils in order of importance(use only pure high grade therapeutic oils) - the essential oils are used to help cleanse, nourish, strengthen hair follicles so make sure you get non-synthetic ones.
 - lavender
 - peppermint
 - cedarwood
 - rosemary
 - thyme
 - ylang ylang or geranium (this I alternate each week)
distilled water or hydrosol (lavender hydrosol would be great)

What to do:
1. First is to create a synergy of essential oils in a 1oz glass bottle. Swirl to mix the oils. It would be best to wait 24 hours for all the oils to mix before doing the next step.
2. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water or hydrosol.
3. Shake. Note that this will oxidize the oils so make sure you use this within a week. If you think 1oz is too much or too less for you in a week then adjust the volume that you need.
4. Put in the refrigerator and use cold.
5. Part hair and spray in different sections of your crown. Let it air dry.
6. Use morning and night.

I've yet to see if how long it will take for my hair to get thicker or if I would even get my old hair back but at least for now I have minimized the hair fall. Also don't expect that you would eliminate hair fall since it is normal to shed 100 strands a day so don't feel bad if you still see few traces of your hair. The good thing is you are not shedding hair like you are undergoing chemotherapy (you know what I mean if have this intensive problem as I do).

If you don't have all the essential oils that I used, you can mix lavender, peppermint, frankincense and copaiba is an alternative but I haven't tested it so let me know if you got the same results. Below is also a list of essential oils that could be beneficial to hair and support hair health.

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Rosemary 
  • Thyme
  • Clary Sage (for women)
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce (for men)

On top of that regimen, I have also reduced shampooing from everyday to every other day and using mild organic shampoo. Also if you notice your scalp to be flaky, you can add a bit of tea tree essential oil in the mix or massage your scalp with 1-2 drops of pure organic argan oil. I noticed there are times when my hair is flaky but not as bad as it used to when I get it.

Also, I might also give credit to me having better sleep quality after diffusing essential oils at night. I have insomnia since high school so getting better quality sleep may have also helped my body balance my hormones which could impact hair and skin condition.

Until next time!

Love lots,


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