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Beauty and Essential Oils

As most of you know, I've always been passionate about preventing skin aging. So anything that would allow me to freeze my skin from sagging I would do it. :)

Recently, I have been introduced to essential oils by my friend, in the hopes of helping me get my kids to sleep early and get better sleep quality. I have never heard of essential oils before even when they have been around long time ago. There had been thousands of references to these oils in the Bible, so you get the idea how long they have been around.

Knowing that I would be using these mostly for my kids, I got myself a kit and educated myself as much as I could to ensure that I am using these safely with the little ones. While doing my research, one information got me so excited. There are oils that can help support hair and skin! You can imagine how big my smile is finding all about it haha :) So here I am again back on my blog to share with you this amazing discovery!

Not all essential oils available in market, however,  have the same health benefits. When purchasing essential oils, you need to avoid anything that says "fragrance" or "perfume" grade oil if you are mainly using it for health support, since these would most likely have synthetics that may not provide you the same benefits of a 100% pure high-grade therapeutic essential oil. Also not all essential oils are made equally, most essential oils in the market actually does not really provide any health benefits and mostly made of synthetics, so it is important to choose your oils wisely. When buying essential oils, make sure that it is certified pure therapeutic grade. It is also important to know how the brand controls the process of creating these oils from planting the seed, harvesting the plant at its peak, distillation, testing and packaging. Any contamination happening within these processes can degrade the effectivity of the essential oils that you are using.

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So how does these essential oils (which I often refer to as EOs) come in to picture with beauty? Let's all agree that beauty is a billion dollar industry but also one of the main sources of toxins in our body. Since most of the products we use are filled with chemicals and synthetics that could potentially harm our body due to prolonged exposure to these ingredients, why would you sacrifice health for vanity? The good news is with essential oils, you don't need to make that sacrifice at all. You can create your own recipes for skin, hair and body which could even be more effective and cost efficient than any of the available products in the commercial market.

I'll help guide you through these wonderful EOs as I go through my journey. As a start, below are the two oils that I have tried and tested on myself which I find amazing! Also as a bonus, I am giving you a simple face serum recipe that you can try for yourself.

My favorite of all, referred to as the king of essential oils, is the one and only Frankincense. Frankincense is known to be associated with being one of the gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men. This oil has been around for centuries. It is known to help support skin cell protection that can help naturally slow down signs of aging. It can help reduce blemishes due to its skin smoothing properties. Based on my daily use, it helped reduce pimple marks whenever I get occasional breakouts. Frankincense is known to help decrease appearance of scars.

The other oil that I mostly use for beauty is the Lavender. This is the most used oil and most known oil available. This oil is known mostly to calm emotions, but did you know that this has secret beauty benefits as well? Lavender can support healing of dry skin which makes it an effective moisturizer. Due to its calming properties, it can also help with cuts and burns.

Here is a simple recipe that I made which replaced all skin cremes and serums that I have been using. Mixing these two powerful oils have given me outstanding results in just 2 weeks. I have really dry skin specially during winter that no amount of moisturizer can help improve its condition. Even during summer, I find my skin flaky and dry. I use this day and night, just 1-2 drops each application. I noticed my skin feels soft and dewy that I can't stop touching it.  Even when constantly touching your skin is a mortal sin in beauty, I just can't resist it! Imagine the ecstasy of applying your foundation on a smooth supple skin. One #skingoal you don't want to miss! The recipe should last you around 30 days.

Note however that the recipe I made is based on the effectivity of the brand of oil that I am using. Since these oils are organic, some brands may require more or less so I would suggest that you start with small amount and gradually adjust based on how your skin reacts to it.

What you need:
10ml dark dropper glass bottle
10 drops of Lavender EO
10 drops of Frankincense EO
100% pure organic Argan Oil as carrier oil - check the ingredients, it should only have argan oil and no other ingredients such as perfume or synthetics. Other carrier oils such as virgin coconut oil can also be used.

1. Create a synergy of EOs - mix lavender and frankincese in the glass bottle and swirl to create a synergy. It is best to let it sit for 24 hours before doing the next step.
2. Fill the rest of the bottle with Argan Oil.
3. Swirl the bottle (do not shake as it might cause oxidation) until the EO synergy blends with the carrier oil
4. Let it sit for 24 hours.
5. Use morning and night.

Be sure to do a skin patch test prior to using it to larger area of the skin to check for possible allergic reactions.

I have few more beauty oils that I just got and can't wait to try, test and share with you. I hope you enjoy reading this and I'll see you again in my next beauty discovery!

Love lots,


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In case you are wondering why I chose Young Living, first is the quality, second is the level of support that I get from members - you don't just buy and stop there, you get to ask people who love to share their knowledge to help you maximize your entire wellness experience and lastly, great customer support and endless perks.  I am trying my best to reduce toxins getting inside of my body since most of the health issues that our generation have been suffering from is due to these and as a mother of 2 small children, I try my best to reduce the toxin footprint in our home. With these oils, you get 100% natural plan based product, with very strict production quality standards. They have been in the industry for 20 years and the only brand with FDA approved vitality line (oils that are approved by FDA that can be ingested). To learn more about the brand, you can visit the Young Living site or message me on my facebook page :)


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