Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hair Extensions

As some of you may know, I got hair extensions about 2-3 weeks ago ^_~ I have been wanting to get extensions for a long time since I really have a hard time growing my hair. :) I got the 22" light brown real hair clip ons.

I did not style it when I took the photo but I usually use iron to straighten my own hair since it is layered and so it will fall flat to the extensions. If I have time, I curl the extensions and then curl the top layer of my hair.

The nice thing about getting clip-ons is that I can either wear short or long hair whenever I feel like it :) Also I don't have to deal about worrying about fall outs once the glue can no longer hold the hair intact.

My cousin bought the 16" medium brown for her wedding and I helped her learn how to put them on, curl and style it herself.

I plan to buy the 16" to give a layered look with my 22" since I don't want to cut it (such a waste to do that).

The extensions is a 6-pc set available in 16" and 22", colors medium brown, light brown and golden brown. It is made of real hair so you can do whatever you want with it. I shampoo the hair twice a week, apply leave on conditioner every night and curl it everyday :D You can also color the hair or have it permed or just do anything you do with your hair.

If you are interested in buying, you can send your inquiries to for the price and shipping rates :) I can ship internationally, but if you are living outside Philippines, I suggest that you also check out others who sell extensions in your area since you might be able to save more from shipping. :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo