Friday, August 13, 2010

What to do when you ran out of makeup remover

Have you ran out of makeup remover and yet too busy to get a new one? It happens to me every time. Due to my busy schedule, the only place I lately go to is office and grocery. We all know that it is a must that we remove our makeup at the end of the day and make sure that our skin is spotlessly clean before we go to bed to avoid breakouts. Since my routine these days doesn't give me time to go to a beauty shop to buy a new makeup remover, I decided to try out something that I have been told in one of the beauty classes that I have attended.

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO). Not only these can remove makeup but it can also help improve your skin texture. It has vitamin E and anti-oxidants which also serves as a moisturizer. Aside from easily taking off makeup, it also moisturizes the skin and lips, and conditions your lashes too! :) If you have dry skin then this is recommended.

If you have oily skin, I would recommend Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) since it is not as thick as the EVOO. Also, VCO is highly recommended for those with oily skin. So if you have oily or combination skin, VCO is safer to use.

So what I do is put 3-4 drops of EVOO to a cotton ball and lightly sweep it over my eyelids to remove eye makeup. I always remove eye makeup first since this is the area where I have more products on. Once the eyes are clear of any makeup, I then take another 3-4 drops on my fingers and lightly massage the EVOO over my face in an outward upward motion. Then using a cotton pad, I wipe the oil off including makeup. I repeat the steps until I see it clear when I wipe my face with a cotton pad. After removing the makeup, I clean my face with a cleansing foam, apply toner and moisturizer (VCO is also a good moisturizer).

Just a caution, make sure that you observe your skin for the first week of application since just the same with any skin care product, it may have different reaction to different types of skin. If you notice redness or breakouts, then stop using it and keep your skin off of makeup or any product until your skin goes back to normal. Best would be to do a skin test for 48 hours and see if it has any negative reaction before trying it.


  1. oooh, great~! i think i heard about this method somewhere else.. maybe on youtube.

  2. Great post, I've never tried virgin coconut oil before and olive oil would be too oily for me (I have oily skin) ! :) Thanks! ;)



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