Saturday, August 7, 2010

Makeup Look for Brown Eyes - Blue and Gold

I came up with another look which is really good for brown eyes. If you have blue eyes, this is also a nice makeup to wear just concentrate more on adding gold color than blue.
Steps to achieve the look:
1. First is to apply an eye primer to your lids as well as on your lower lash line.
2. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, take a light blue shimmer shadow and pat on the color from the outer corner going towards the mid-section of your lid. Make sure that the blue color gradually fades as it gets to the mid-section. If you have blue eyes, you may just keep it up to the quarter of your lids or just concentrate on the outer corners of your eyes.
3. Take an angled brush and lightly blend the color out towards the crease and apply very light touch of the shadow to your upper lash line

4. Using the tip of the angled brush, apply a darker blue shimmer shadow to the outer corner of your eyes. Just concentrate on the outer V to give depth to your eyes.
5. Using a pencil brush, take a black matte shadow and apply to the outer corner to intensify the darker blue.
6. Use a puffy brush or a big blending brush, and blend out the colors until there are no harsh lines. You may reapply the colors as needed until you get the desired intensity.
7. Take another flat eyeshadow brush and pat on gold shimmer shadow from the inner corners and slightly going over the light blue shadow blend both colors until there are no harsh lines.
8. Optional: Pat on glitter shadow (white or translucent) over your lids.
9. Using a blending brush apply white matte shadow to the corners of your eyes.
10. Apply highlight under your brows by putting on a matte shadow that is a bit lighter to your skin tone. If you like to really intensify the look, you can use the same white eyeshadow that you used in the inner corners of your eyes.
11. Take a copper eyeliner and line your lower lash line, smudge it out using a q-tip or an eyeliner brush.
12. Finish off the look by adding a black liner to your upper lids and mascara. I also put on false lashes for a more dramatic look. Apply black eyeliner just at the outer corner of your lower lash line to define your eye shape.

I used a pink blush and I want it very subtle so I just buffed it over my cheeks. Then apply your favorite lipstick. I sticked with a light shade since I like to soften the look and applied a lip gloss just in the middle section of my lips for highlight :)

Products used:
Sigma Makeup Complete Brush Set and Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Shu Eumura Eyelash Curler
Elianto Doll Lashes
THEFACESHOP Professional Foundation in #23 Natural Beige
MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette No5.
Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder 01
MAC Brow Set Beguile

By Lauren Luke Eye Primer
Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Matte and Shimmer)
THEFACESHOP Jewel Powder WH001
THE BODY SHOP Eye Definer Shade in Burnished Amber and Black
MAC Fluidliner in Blacktrack
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara in Black Brown
Paul & Joe Disney Face Color B
Revlon Renewist Lipcolor in Naturally Revealing 010
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect #257


  1. i love it ! :) so pretty and sparkly.

  2. beautiful work...using this look soon, thank you!

  3. LOVE this look, so pretty. You are so talented :)

  4. I love it I have brown eyes and I will try it


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

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