Friday, December 12, 2014

Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Wine

Some of you may know how I go cray cray about Sanrio stuff and I chanced upon this Hello Kitty rose wine being sold at I am not a wine person so I couldn't speak for the wine quality but I can testify that if you look into collecting wine bottles, then this would be a good addition to your collection. Normally I don't go for anything perishable when it comes to buying  Sanrio stuff but this one is an exception. It wasn't just because it was a Hello Kitty marked wine but the heart shaped on the neck of the bottle got my attention. It's rare to find wine bottled shaped that way so it's kind of cool! :)

I bought this online for $33.90 incl S&H and they have a gift option if you plan to purchase it someone as a gift. The wine came in a really nice and secure package. The only thing surprised me when I got the bottle was that it looks larger in the pics as compared to the actual bottle. The wine is probably half the size of the a regular sized wine bottle so if you are planning to buy this for consumption then his maybe a consideration.

I've no intention of drinking the wine so this will probably sit on my mini bar counter as display.

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