Saturday, December 6, 2014

Purchasing Pre-loved Louis Vuitton 2003 Cherry Blossom Pochette

If you happen to like collecting previously released limited edition LV purses and loves to stand-out in the crowd, this 2003 Cherry Blossoms collection pochette is indeed a head-turner. Not only that this was printed with cute cherry blossom prints but also came in three different monogram canvas colors. They released the brown/pink, beige/red and pink/pink.

I was battling between the brown/pink and pink/pink however I figured I'd get the pink/pink one since I already have another monogram pochette. Also, you rarely find someone wearing a pink monogram LV bag :)

It took me a while to find a like new/unused pre-loved of these but as soon as I found it on Fashionphile for  $425, I purchased it right away. The purse retailed around the same price when it was launched so I didn't really save on this for buying a pre-loved item. Since this is limited edition, I would expect to pay more for this beauty.

I wasn't that much happy with the purchase since the pictures look better than the actual product and it already had a noticeable patina on the vachetta. Also, I noticed a distinct scent on the purse which seems like this has been stored in an old wooden chest for a long time. Honestly, to this date, I am still trying so hard to get rid of it.  Other than that,  I didn't find any signs of use and everything looks perfect except for the patina which is expected for an almost 10-yr old handbag. I did not bother to return the item sinceI know it would be rare to find something of better quality (no patina in the vachetta leather) for the same amount.

I look forward to use this eventually (hope I get rid of the annoying smell). :)

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