Saturday, December 6, 2014

Louis Vuitton Unboxing - Eva Clutch in Damier Ebene Purchase

I had an eye on this for almost three months and have been thinking about it since.  Finally I had the chance to drop by LV in Edina, MN and bought it for $831.38 inc tax. My SA was not around so someone else assisted me. Contrary to the common experience of others with LV SAs, the Edina SAs were more than being helpful to their customers. I came in wearing just casual clothes, completely undone hair and no makeup  and I did not feel unwelcome at all.

During my purchase,  I had second thoughts between the Eva and the Favorite MM but still leaned towards the Eva clutch. The Favorite may be able to handle more stuff but I prefer Eva's zip closure than the Favorite's magnetic flap closure.

The Eva clutch is versatile - you can use it as a cross-body bag for a casual look or use the chain strap for a fancier look. I have a huge phone so size was also a concern for me and my ip6+ fits perfectly and still leaving enough space for other essentials. I'll have another post on what I can stuff in there without breaking the canvas apart. :)

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