Saturday, December 6, 2014

Purchasing Pre-loved 2005 Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami Cerises Collection Pochette

The moment I saw this, I automatically fell in love with it. Why? Not only that it is a limited edition item but also the collection is the same name as my daughter. So I find this item close to me at a deeper level :) I figured I would give this to my daughter when she grows up :)

I've seen a number of these being sold in pre-loved consignment stores but normally there had been a significant wear and abuse on it already. Some may seem a good deal as it was being sold for half the price but I tend to be anal about the condition of the item. When I found this pochette at Couture USA site, I didn't second guess myself and decided to purchase. I got this for $349.99 (bag retailed for $355). The thing about getting limited edition items in excellent condition is that you either pay more or pay the same price it was sold for when it was released, so this to me was a a fairly decent deal.

I've used this a couple of times and was surprised that it hasn't had much patina on the vachetta yet for a 9-yr old purse.  Since the cherries print was small, it isn't noticeable so it kind of blends in your outfit like a regular LV purse. The print though, once noticed could be a nice piece of conversation. I like it how I can always make this personal by telling people who noticed why I purchased it in the first place. Even if it's considered a past season release, I still get compliments and even my SA the LV Edina store find it cute. My daughter loves this too since the size was perfect for her (although I am not letting an 18-month old child to use this no matter how much she begs me

Overall, this one is my favorite purchases and never regret getting so yeah :) I hope Cerise would love this as much as she does now when I hand this to her when she's older.

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