Saturday, December 6, 2014

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet in Monogram Rouge

I have posted previously about a purchase I did last April 2014 at the Louis Vuitton store in Edina, MN. I've been looking for a push gift to myself as I was due around May. I decided to get the Emilie wallet in Monogram Rouge since I haven't had a decent wallet yet. I initially wanted the Artsy MM  Empreinte in Aube but I feel that it's way too expensive for a push gift (it retails at around $3.1k excl tax).

What I like about this wallet is that it looks compact and not bulky but can hold a lot. I can even store my iPhone 6 plus in it and still have enough space for my numerous cards :) I don't suggest loading it with heaps of coins tho since it might damage the canvas.

At first I wanted to hotstamp it with my initials but decided not to, thinking that I might end up not liking it and selling it after. I've had it for seven months now but I haven't seen any wear on it and I used it like any other wallets I got (no special care or whatsoever). I like that it can hold my phone so I can just carry that with me when running errands without having to worry about bringing a purse to hold my cards and phone.

Compared to other LV wallets available, the Emilie is under the cheaper range retailing at $480 ($514.92 inc tax). This is one purchase that I do not regret and really happy with it :) I am sure I would be using this for a long time :)

If you are looking to buy your first LV wallet then this is something that you can consider. Aside from being cheaper than other LV wallets, usually retailing over $700 excl tax, it looks nicely designed and made.

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