Sunday, May 16, 2010

creating double eyelids for monolids

There is an eyelid glue kit, Koji Eye Talk, that is out in the market to help you get double eyelids without surgery. I've seen this being sold in Amazon for $10.50 but I found a cheaper alternative. I experimented on using false eyelashes glue (or if you want cheaper Elmer's glue) and a piece of bobby pin to do the trick.

First, you need to find the area where you want the fold by lightly poking your eyelid with a bobby pin. This does not hurt but be very careful no to poke your eyes. After you have identified the area where you want the fold, apply thin layer of glue on that area. Let it dry for a bit just like when you put on your false eyelashes. Once the glue looks clear poke the area again gently with a bobby pin starting with the center and going out towards the sides until the skin sticks creates a fold. These are the same steps that you follow if you purchase the kit except that the kit includes a brush applicator and a stick.

Remember to clean any residue before applying makeup.

Below is a picture of how it would look like:

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