Saturday, May 29, 2010

Makeup Tip: Making Lips Plump and Juicy Without the Surgery

I submitted this entry to a summer look contest and did something that I don't usually do with my lips. Usually we concentrate more on the eye makeup and contouring lips is usually taken for granted.

Plump and juicy looking lips can do wonders in your looks as much as how eye makeup does. The lips can make your overall look very sexy.

Here are some tips that you can use to make your lips naturally juicy looking without getting a surgery. You may use all techniques or just specific ones depending on how you want your lips to look.

1. Over lining your lips. Usually, when we line the lips, we follow the natural shape of it. To make your lips look bigger, you would need to over line the lips with a shade slightly darker than your natural lip color. Over lining is not just lining outside your natural lip line as it would make it look drawn.

There is a technique to make the shape of your lips it look natural and not drawn. Starting at the corner of your lips, follow the natural line and as you reach the center of your lips, you gradually move the line outside your lips. Make sure you keep the line as close as possible to your lip's natural line. When lining the upper lip, make sure you also start with the corners and move all the way up to the cupid's bow. When you start with the cupid's bow and go down the corners, gravity will tend to drag the shape down instead of making it look plump.

Then draw vertical lines, about half a centimeter away from each corner of your lower lip, creating a triangle and fill in both corners with liner. After lining your lips, take a lip brush and blend the color towards the center of your lips. Make sure that the line fades in naturally until you don't see harsh lines. Put on your lipstick.

2. Adding contours to your lower lip. Adding a shadow under your lower lip gives an illusion of thicker lower lip. Choose a concealer darker to your skin and draw a line, about an inch, under the center of your lower lip. Blend down the color to your chin so it gradually fades with your natural skin tone.

3. Adding highlights to your upper lip. Same with the contour on your lower lip, a highlight on the upper lip adds more volume to it. Take a lighter shade concealer and add highlights just above the cupid's bow. Then take a lighter shade lipstick and apply it on the cupid's bow.

4. Apply gloss. To make lips look fuller, apply gloss only to the center of your lips and blend it out towards the corners. Make sure you concentrate more on the center. The gloss serves as a highlight which makes your lips look juicy and plump.


  1. Yes finally a way to get my skinny "nothing" lips plump thanks again miyo! :)

  2. show pics when you do your makeup :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo