Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sigma Makeup Summer Makeup Look Contest Entry Tutorial - Coral and Teal

I joined the Sigma Makeup's Summer Makeup Look Contest  ^_^ I am not really hoping to win since there are a lot of creative people who joined as well but I still sent my entry LOL.

I worked on a very simple look, as opposed to the colorful theme you can observe from most of the entries, because I want it to be wearable for any summer activity that you plan to do.

Here is the tutorial on how you can achieve the same look this summer.

1. First is to prep the skin. I sprayed a mist of Evian water to my face and wiped it off with a facial cotton. I then swiped a toner with a cotton ball to remove excess dirt. I moisturized my skin and applied makeup primer to make my skin makeup ready.

2. I applied green corrector concealer to red areas of my cheeks (I am having breakouts for some reason), under my brows and around my nose. This neutralizes the reddish pigment brought about by irritation of the skin.

3. I applied orange corrector concealer under my eyes to neutralize the dark pigmentation (I am also stressed lately, hence probably the breakouts)

4. Using my favorite 187 stippling brush, I applied foundation lightly on my skin and gradually build up the product to specific areas that require heavy coverage. It is important to have a flawless look since nothing beats clear looking skin.

5. Define eyebrows with an eyebrow powder and brush. Lightly apply the powder using very small strokes so it would look natural. We do not want to make it look drawn since natural and simple look is great for summer.

6. Set the makeup by applying light layer of powder. Add contours and highlights for a fresh bronzed look.

7. Apply light peach or pink blush. Make it very subtle since summer heat will eventually make your cheeks turn red naturally. Adding too much blush is not going to be pretty.

8. Prime eyes since we are using mostly matte eye shadows. Matte colors will pop out with primer.
    a. Using a blending brush, take a light pink shadow and apply it in the inner corners of your eyes and gradually letting it fade towards the center of your eyelids. Blend well and make sure remove harsh edges.
    b. Using the same brush, take a coral shade and apply it on your crease area starting from the outer corner going towards the light pink shadow. Blend the two colors together.
    c. Still using the same brush, take a dark brown shadow and apply it in the outer corner of your eyes, concentrating on creating the V-shape. Blend it with the coral shade until there are no harsh edges.
    d. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply teal color shadow to the center of the eyelids. blend it out to the rest of the eye colors. You may reapply pink and coral shadows as you like.
    e. Using a fluffy blending brush, take a teal shimmer shadow and apply it over the lids blending it out well.
    f. Apply highlight under your brows to open up the eyes.

9. Apply liner and mascara. Do not put too much liner since it will have a tendency to smudge. Apply as natural as possible and smudge out the edges with a q-tip.

10. Put on your favorite nude lipstick and lipgloss.

Make sure you use waterproof makeup during summer specially when there is a high chances of sweating. Also too much heat can melt some makeup products so make sure that you use makeup that can last longer during summer.


  1. It came out really pretty Good luck and hope you win i love this soft fresh look

  2. thanks for liking it! :) I prefer soft looks since my eyes don't look pretty with too much color. altho at times I wish I have deep set eyes since they look stunning when applied with colorful makeup :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo