Sunday, May 9, 2010

tutorials - shimmery tropical colors

There was a request that I come up with a look that has yellow, pink, green and silver so here's a tutorial to get this look. For tips on how to create a flawless look, refer to steps 1-5 of the smokey purple makeup tutorial that I have previously posted.

1. Prime eyes to avoid creasing and help colors pop out.
2. Using a blending brush, apply a matte yellow base along the crease starting from the outer corner going to the inner corner of the eye. Apply a good amount of yellow specially to the outer corner.
3. Using the same brush, take a hot pink matte shadow and apply it over the yellow base concentrating on the outer corner and gradually fading the color towards the inner corner.
4. Using a fluffy brush, blend out the color until there are no harsh edges.
5. Using a new blending brush, take a light yellow shimmer shadow and apply it from the inner corner of your eye going up to the center. Blend it over the pink shadow letting it fade gradually. Apply as much as you want and gradually let it fade towards the pink color.
6. Using the same brush, take a silver shimmer shadow and brush around the inner corners of your eyes and extending it down to your lower lash line.
7. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, pat on aqua green shimmmer eyeshadow over your lids. Use the fluffy brush to blend harsh edges.
8. Using a pencil brush, take a black shimmer and apply it to the outer corner creating an outer V shape. Blend it well and make sure that there are no harsh edges.
9. Using another pencil brush, apply the same hot pink color you used and apply it to the outer half of your lower lash line. Blend the silver and pink together at the center of the lower lash line.
10. Apply eyeliner. You can make it dramatic to accentuate the eye shadow, or keep it simple to show more of the green color on your lids. Apply liner on your lower lash line and smudge the edges with a q-tip to soften it.
11. Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. You may add false eyelashes for a more dramatic look.

I used a peach color blush and lipstick to finish the look.


  1. this looks the colors..especially the color in the outer'v'


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

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