Monday, May 10, 2010

I Won the Before and After Contest by Sigma Makeup

2 weeks ago Sigma Makeup announced on their facebook page their Before and After contest where people has to do makeover of themselves or other people and come up with a flawless look. We have to submit a before picture (yes I actually let people see how bad I look without makeup LOL) and the after picture.

I woke up today to check and I WON! :) I am so happy because this is the first makeup contest that I have tried and I won wee! Now I am more inspired than ever! I can't wait to get the Sigma brush kit that I've won, which will be my 3rd Sigma brush set. ^_^ I fell in love with their brushes since I got my first set.

For those who want to try out Sigma Makeup check out their site.

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