Friday, May 28, 2010

Entries to Sigma Makeup Summer Look Contest

I just want to share the 2 additional summer looks I submitted for the Sigma Makeup Summer Look Contest hosted on their Facebook fan site. Most of my entries are soft and can be worn everyday :) We were also asked to hold a piece of paper saying ♥ Sigma Makeup. I enjoyed doing it so ye ^_^

If you haven't seen the tutorial I made for the first entry I submitted, you can view it here.  If you are interested in joining, the contest is open until June 9, 2010 :)

Sunny inspired look

Click here on how to create the effect I did for a natural looking plump and juicy lips :)


  1. I thin its a very natural look... you can even take more colorful eyesadows :) you are such a "shiny" Person... but i like your lips and their colour!

  2. thanks! :) for this specific look the main focus was indeed the lips since most people tend to forget about them and always concentrate on the eyes. :D so what I did is make the eyes as simple as it is yet still have a dash of color to it and took extra time contouring my lips and making it look juicier that what it was normally. ^_~

  3. My favorite is the first one...but i didnt think the look that actually won was very wearble for summer...but that girl was sooo talented..the gradient was good..but if it was me..i wud wear something like ur look on a hot summer day....:)

  4. i love the green eyeshadow on you girl it compliments you .. i love it! :)


Have fun and stay beautiful everyone!

♥ Miyo